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Questions tagged [credit-score]

A credit score is a weighted number computed to determine your credit worthiness, and is relevant when arranging for credit or a loan. This tag is to be used for questions related to understanding how things would impact your credit score. Related tags are credit-history, credit-rating and credit-report.

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Consequences of small bank debt in EU as citizen of another country

I have a bank account in France that I created when I lived there about 10-8 years ago. A year ago this account started charging a monthly fee that didn't exist before, and then I started trying to ...
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Best possible outcome from paying a charged-off account

I had an auto loan from 2011. All but about 1,800 USD was paid off. Various financial challenges and a dose of me sticking my head firmly in the sand led to the account being charged off. I handled ...
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Why does a U.S. credit card application ask for other citizenships?

Looking at a credit card application, they are asking U.S. citizens whether they are citizens of another country. Why are they asking for this information? Will it hurt the application to disclose ...
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How do co-applicants affect loan terms and credit histories?

Alice and Bob are considering applying for a loan - for a discussion example, an Acme credit card. They have no previous credit connection. Applying individually, Alice would probably not be ...
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How soon (after your first credit card statement ever) do you get a credit file/history in Canada?

How many days after your first credit card statement EVER does one get a credit report on file with one of the two Canadian bureaus? I'm trying to develop Canadian credit on my first credit card and I ...
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Does mobile phone account negatively affect credit score?

I generally try and keep my credit utilization on my credit cards as low as possible, by having a high limit, and making payments frequently to keep the balance low. I was looking on my Equifax ...
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Impact on credit score of paying off a debt very late

We went through a rough patch a few years ago after a disabling accident and got behind on some payments. When things turned around, we squared our accounts with our creditors and our credit report is ...
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UK: Will signing up for a mobile phone contract affect my credit rating?

Especially I would like to understand one thing: There are operators who offer contracts without credit check for people who otherwise would be denied because of for example a completely missing ...
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How to regain credit after two car voluntary repossesion, five credit cards amount to 10K?

What are the necessary steps to get back on the road to fixing a credit after not paying 10K worth of credit cards (behind 6 payments for 6 months) and two car voluntary repossession? This is after a ...
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Does business credit score transfer over when you incorporate from a sole proprietorship?

I have a newly registered sole-proprietorship in Canada that I am trying to build credit for. If later down the line I decide to incorporate my business, will the business credit score from my sole-...
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What's the safest/easiest thing I can add to my credit report

I'm in the excellent range on the credit score, but recently it started falling due to lack of (recent) credit report entries. Since it's only 1pt / month, over last half a year, I don't care that ...
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When a hard check brings your credit score down, is the higher or lower (newer) score used in the current application?

I'm applying for a business loan that will involve a hard check on my personal credit, but according to a credit tracker that I use, I'm very close to going from "Excellent" to "Very Good". The next ...
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Do administrative wage garnishments for nontax debts count as judgments or other public records for the purposes of the three credit bureaus?

When I was in my late teens, I made some bad choices. Most notably, I was on SSI, which the government retroactively decided I was not eligible for. They put the debt on my credit report, some years ...
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Establishing $10K line of personal credit with minimal interest from zero credit score

I am a fresh expat from the UK, having recently moved to California. Working as a Sole proprietor, I'm providing software contract services across San Francisco. This business has significantly ...
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Preserving DTI ratio between mortgage pre-approval and closing

I am in the process of buying a house in the US. I have had an offer accepted and have pre-approval from a lender for a conventional/conforming loan at the maximum debt to income (DTI) that they are ...
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How long will defect remain in credit history?

I have read this question/answer that suggests that it takes 7 years for items to clear from a credit file. Is this the same in the UK? And in the meantime, if I have late payments showing on my ...
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Does an unused overdraft help or hinder credit score?

Whilst at university, I was given an interest- and fee-free overdraft of £2000. I finished uni a few years ago by now, and the interest- and fee-free deal has now ended. I don't use the overdraft at ...
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Do collateralized loans impact your credit score?

Do collateralized loans impact your credit score? Such as a securities loan collateralized by your stocks, a refinance on your home, a personal loan collateralized by a car, and so on.
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Vehicle Trade-In

An ex-girlfriend and I took out a car together. After breaking up, she decided to trade in the car and get a new one. The dealership sent me a Power of Attorney form to fill out to have our car used ...
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If I get a credit card that will give me a higher credit limit if I make on-time payments, will it carry over if there is no balance?

So, I got a card, and let's say I was approved for $300, but the creditor promised to increase it to an actual credit line if I made five on-time payments starting in April. So, I make a few payments, ...
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How to troubleshoot identity verification issue when requesting credit report?

I have a long credit history (slightly more than 2 years) and so far I have no success in requesting my free credit report. There is a small caveat, I am successfully able to verify my identity at one ...
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