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For questions on the use of Credit Karma's tax filing service

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How does Credit Karma have access to my information

How does credit karma get access to my information? When I sign up and give them my personal details, whom do they get my credit info from (such as open credit cards, credit scores,etc.)?
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Tax income dependents kids for this year - non resident visa (TN)

This year I'm receiving less than the amount received last year for the income-tax federal refund. I used creditkarma and I'm using it again. For the last year's tax income, we added +1 dependent and ...
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I have two W-2 forms, which form do I use for boxes 15-17?

I have two W-2 forms both from companies in California. I am filling out my taxes using Credit Karma's new tax website. It will only allow me to enter a single set of values from one of the W-2's, not ...
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Never received 1099-INT. How should I handle this on Credit Karma's tax service?

I'm using Credit Karma for my tax return. I have not received an expected 1099-INT from a bank for an interest amount of $150 so I do not know this banks's federal tax ID number. I am fairly certain ...
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