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How to calculate monthly CPI on a private loan over a couple of years?

I have borrowed money from a family member, and I have been keeping track of exactly how much I owe them down to fractions of cents. The amount owed has been steadily growing by a couple of hundred ...
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How to calculate monthly inflation from CPI

I have data that consists of dates and monthly CPI belong to that date. And I'm trying to find Inflation belongs to specific date, for instance inflation at 2015-02. I used this formula to calculate ...
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General price lowering and debt hypothetical

Assume for a moment that the CPI accurately encompasses all prices. Also assume that I have $100 of outstanding debt. Let's now say that the CPI decreases by 25%. In real terms, this change in CPI ...
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Schiller Stock Data

I was analysing the data provided by Schiller ( On the first row (year 1871) the value for CPI index is 12.46. Anyone know the source of this value? I ...
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Why is inflation incorrect [closed]

I track my expenditure accurately. Over the last 13 years, the rise in my cost of living has been zero. This is for true, like for like tracked expenditure. CPI has risen around 38% in that time. My ...
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How do these inflation figures make sense?

In trying to find annual inflation for the UK, I came across this page: I don't see how the annual inflation rate to the ...
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How to calculate the monthly inflation rate from CPI?

I'm wondering how the monthly inflation rate is calculated from the consumer price index? Here you can find the monthly CPI data from 1913 - 2016: From ...
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Adjusting a value for inflation each month using rolling 12-monthly inflation figures

I have a figure that I want to adjust for inflation each month. I have monthly values for the UK Consumer Price Index but these are each for the change over the preceding 12 months. If my base value ...
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Determining annual inflation rate from bimonthly cpi growth rate?

I've been unable to find a concrete answer to this question so I assume I am overlooking something incredibly simple. In order to determine the real interest rate, I am required to use the nominal ...
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Web sites for historical foreign currency exchange rates and inflation data?

Say that I'm watching a Swedish movie from the 1970s where a bank gets robbed and the robbers get away with 10 million SEK. I might then like to know how much that corresponds to in U.S. dollars today,...
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How do economists gather retail price data, such as for tracking inflation?

How do economists track the prices of things like milk, produce, furniture and other retail products? Do they have people with clipboards going out to stores and gathering data? Scrape web sites? ...
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What is the meaning of 'indexing' something?

From a document about 2011 taxes, I came across this line: For 2011, the income thresholds, personal amounts, and tax reduction amounts are indexed. They have been increased based on changes in the ...
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When the Reserve Bank determines the interest rates, do they take the house prices into account?

My knowledge of how interest rates work (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that it is set by the Central Bank of a country. They're supposed to be apolitical and independent and their decision ...
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