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Can closing a covered call and opening a new covered call trigger a wash sale?

In Jan 2019, I bought 200 QQQ (ETF) at about $160 and also wrote two covered calls for June 2019 at 170 (higher than the last day price) netting a small premium. Now QQQ is at about 185 so it will be ...
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Can companies raise cash by selling covered call options on their treasury stock?

Suppose a company has lots of treasury shares. Can it raise cash by selling call options covered by the treasury stock? If the stock price ends below the strike price of the calls sold, then the ...
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How to trade stock e.g, BABA using monthly options (wheel strategy)?

Say you want to buy up to 400 shares of BABA in the current $130 range to $100. How do you implement an option strategy in the meantime to make some extra cash while waiting for a $10 stock gain? Buy ...
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