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Should I appeal the property tax assessment on a car I bought?

Half the counties in USA charge personal property tax on car. That is OK, but recently my county is appraising my car at a very high price and the reply from the county is that Since there is no ...
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ADP didn't withhold any county tax and I had to pay at the end of the year

Our state tax is 3.23% and our county tax is 2.9% Employees at hubby's company who were already working there when they signed up with ADP had county tax taken out. Anyone added later did not and now ...
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County tax credits for living and working in different states

I moved mid-year to Indiana, from Illinois. My employer remains in IL. For the entire year, my employer withheld IL state taxes. For the second half of the year, my employer also withheld local (...
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Does the official county appraisal count for PMI calculation?

I contacted my county's tax office today and I was told that my home is appraised $7,000 more than it was a year ago. Great news, especially as I'm fighting to stop paying private mortgage insurance (...
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