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What is an average living cost for a foreigner living in Japan?

I plant to move to Japan and start my new life there, but I need plan my expense, I have nothing in Japan, I don't need very accurate figure, and I know it depends on a lot. I am single and you can ...
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Trying to understand the financial condition of my parents for them to be able to help with university [closed]

My parents and I live in Dubai, UAE. I’ve recently been accepted into Cambridge university. I am eager to attend but since I’m not a home student, the annual fees there are very high and amount to £50,...
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Why do US Social Security benefit estimate increases vary so much from year to year?

Although not yet old enough to receive US Social Security benefits I do look at the SSA statements each year. In each statement they provide an estimate of how much I will receive if I choose to start ...
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If you make a certain amount of money, is inflation less of a factor when seeking a raise

My background: I'm 32 Live in California (US) I make $25/hr I'm married (spouse brings in income as well) At my current job I have usually received good raises percentage wise (~8-10% each time), ...
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Is there any official/governmental website for cost of living in the US cities? [closed]

I am looking for a website that I can find cost of living in my city in California and refrence to it in my official claim. Is there any one?
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What expenses should I plan for when considering move to the USA from Europe?

I'm considering a move from Europe to the USA - but I somewhat struggle to compare salaries because of some big differences in living costs. So far when trying to budget life in the USA I got this: ...
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If I have 10 BTC in total and zero fiat, how can I calculate how long can I "burn" my BTC for my survival?

A naive approach would be to take the current Bitcoin price times 10 and then divided by 12 divided by 50. That would currently get me to a little over a thousand USD monthly for 50 years, assuming ...
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How can I work fairly little and maintain a reasonable living standard? [closed]

I'm 24, currently have no family debt or anyone depending on me financially and I'm making the very loose assumption that it's going to stay that way, meaning no kids or elderly parents who need more ...
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Can I hedge my household expenses using the financial markets?

Apparently farmers can hedge against high raw material prices and low crop prices by using financial instruments such as forwards and futures. Can I use financial instruments to similarly hedge my ...
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Is $3,7 USD for 340 grams/11.9 oz of "creamy" Skippy-brand peanut butter expensive from an American's perspective? [closed]

Right now, in Sweden, a small-feeling 340 g (which is apparently 11.9 oz) jar of "Skippy creamy peanut butter" is, translated to current USD value, $3.7 USD. I think it has been around this ...
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Is $15 USD for a hotel/motel room really that "unthinkably low"?

I just watched a video where a guy tried to claim that the hotel or motel room he was going to meet somebody at and pay for costs "$15", in the USA. I assume he means "per night". While money is not ...
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How much should we have/save before having a child? Baby planning a couple years out [closed]

Edit: Additional helpful information. Location: USA: Oregon Lifestyle: Middle-class and content that way. I have biologist job, so I'll never be 'rich' and "millions" is certainly an exaggeration. ...
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Optimum Location for Working [closed]

In general, which state and/or city in the United States has the best combination of income tax rate, living expenses, and working wage? When people talk about optimal conditions, a state without ...
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Live off of $100k in savings for as long as possible

What is the best way to live off of a set amount e.g. $100k - $150k in savings with no income? Assuming you can relocate to anywhere in the US with low cost of living, can you live off of this for 20+ ...
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Which of these countries makes most financial sense? [closed]

Below are a list of countries I am considering moving to (from within Europe). My preference was initially the Netherlands, but I have read that the bureaucratic side of things can make moving there ...
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Moving in together, separate finances

As lovebirding life-partners in a no common-law-marriage state, we are going to be moving in together after 5 years, with the apartment-dweller ($1000/mo rent) moving into the home-owner's house ($...
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How much money do you need to live in the US for half a year? [closed]

I want to live in the US especially in California more specifically Burbank as an internship but I have no idea how much money am I gonna need to spend because I live in Japan. So I hope I could get ...
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Cost of Living Adjustment [closed]

I am looking for an entry level Electrical Engineering Job and have 3 current offers. Assuming benefit packages are close to the same, which one is better when taking into account the cost of living ...
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Comparing cost of living between cities. Compare income or expenditures?

I've been looking at some cost of living calculators and there's something that makes me a bit skeptical about them. For example if city B is supposedly 100% more costly to live in than city A, the ...
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Is there a measure that uses both cost of living plus income?

I don't know much about economy and financial measures, but was looking at a website that compares cost of living in different countries, as I am considering relocating elsewhere, but then I realized ...
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