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Questions tagged [cost-cutting]

Relating to ways to save money, generally by either spending less, or changing what is being spent on.

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42 votes
7 answers

How to help a financially self destructive person?

My ex-wife is a mess, financially speaking. After the divorce, her house that she won in the divorce was foreclosed on, filed for bankruptcy, owes money to pretty much everyone that tried to help her ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Where can I find an example of a really basic family budget?

It's about time that I took my family's finances seriously and built a budget. I'd rather not start from scratch, and am thinking, "surely, I can benefit from someone else's work?" - can someone ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Is selling your house without an agent worth the hassle?

There have been numerous "for sale by owner" signs appearing recently. This seems like a convenient way to reduce the commission charged by Real Estate agents but I have heard that this is still a "...
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23 votes
17 answers

I spend too much money. How can I get on the path to a frugal lifestyle?

How do I live a frugal lifestyle? I'd like to live on less but it doesn't seem easy. How can I get started? I want to get out of debt and not have to work until I'm dead.
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