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Questions tagged [corporation]

a generic tag for company with shareholders. There are some specific tags for specific company types like limited-liability-company, s-corporation, limited-partnership, sole-proprietorship,

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Hostile takeover bid to turn company private - how does it work (current context: Musk / Twitter)?

With regard to the current coverage of Musk announcing his wish to turn Twitter into a private company, I'd appreciate some clarification: Twitter stock, according to Yahoo Finance, is owned by ...
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What benefits and risks do American C-corps have for investors in Europe?

In Europe the start-up investor climate seem quite different from what investors and entrepreneurs experience in the US. As I am being part of a few different EU based startups I am confronted with ...
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ISIN - First 2 Letters : Issuing Country vs Domicile Country

I have a question regarding how the logic in the ISIN structure work for the first 2 letters. It is mentioned the following : The first two characters are the alpha-2 country code, in accordance with ...
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Tax rates when C-Corporation pays salary to the owner who is non-US resident & non-US citizen

I am non-US resident and non-US citizen (i.e. NRA, nonresident alien). I would like to open C-Corporation in Florida. I would be the only owner and shareholder of the C-Corp. I know what are the ...
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Ontario resident working contract job in British Columbia

If my corporation is registered in Ontario and I am an Ontario resident, then if I take a contract in Vancouver, will it be legal? Do I pay taxes once for British Columbia and once for Ontario?
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CT61 form for HMRC (corporation tax UK)

I recently created a company in the UK for occasional work as a locum pharmacist. I get paid by pharmacies for hours worked. Following advice from HMRC, I recently pulled out £500 of the company that ...
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Form W8BEN-E type of beneficial owner

I just opened a FZE in UAE. An FZE is technically a LLC with a single shareholder, who owns 100% of shares, and who is also self-employed with a defined salary and a payroll. I'm filling out form ...
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What is the point of being able to exercise Dissenter or Appraisal Rights in a publicly traded company?

In the Interactive Brokers list of fees for Corporate Actions & Dividend Processing, there is a "$100 + external costs" fee for "requests to exercise Dissenter or Appraisal Rights&...
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Federal NOLD vs Florida NOLD

I'm considering opening a corporation within the State of Florida. Although, I'm trying to understand the Corporate Short Form Income Tax Return. Florida Short Form F1120-A Line 1 (total income) Line ...
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Incorporating a Canadian business with a US founder

I'm a Canadian citizen who is a American permanent resident residing in the USA. My cofounder is a Canadian citizen residing in Canada. We are incorporating a business that will be operating in Canada ...
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How to report a C corporation's post-dissolution expenses?

We're filing 2019 Form 1120 for a C corporation (XYZ Inc). In January 2017 my cofounder and I incorporated XYZ Inc in Delaware and registered it as a foreign corporation in Connecticut. We dissolved ...
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What are the US tax implications of owning a controlling stake in a UK private limited company?

I'm currently a US resident alien. What are the tax implications of owning a controlling stake in a UK private limited company? It is unclear how complex filing is and what financial implications ...
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EU company selling internet services to US customer, any tax?

I know that companies from US selling electronic goods to EU customers over internet need to charge and pay EU tax rate. For example if the company from US with no physical location in EU sells web ...
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Insurance Liability for a recently registered Ontario corporation

I just registered a corporation in Ontario, and I'm about to get a contract from USA as a Programmer. I applied for a general liability insurance online in many sites, but they keep rejecting it ...
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Seeking Equity Split Advice between four co-founders, two of them who have invested money and two who haven't

Founder A,B,C,D are equally responsible for the execution and the idea. At the pre-development stage, Founder A invests $12,500 and Founder B invests $7,500, whereas Founder C and D aren't investing ...
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As a US citizen, how can I live in Austria, do business with the US, and set up my business in a legal, tax efficient manner?

I am a US citizen, and professionally I am an independent software developer contractor. I want to live in Vienna, Austria but still contract with companies from the United States and work remotely ...
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Canadian taxes: Is it possible to declare dividends for a small business corporation with no other income other than investments (passive income)?

I have a small business that is now dormant since I switched to full time employment This is a small inc created before the professional corporations were defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (not ...
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