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For questions related to working independently with an organization rather than employee. Most question may require country tag as law could vary from country to country. Additional tag like taxes could be used to qualify the nature of question

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Contractors IR 35 tax burden: is it less than people thought?

With the introduction of the new IR35 legislation in UK, many contractors caught inside IR35 are going to pay more taxes. The most popular tool for the calculation of the tax burden among ...
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Working remotely in Portugal for a UK based company

I am new to contracting and would like some advice. My situation is: I am a UK citizen and my home is in the UK. I am working in London for a UK based company. I currently work full time as a ...
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Australian freelancing in UK

I am an Australian citizen and resident for tax purposes, but I have recently moved to the UK and planning on staying here for around 6 months. I have a valid working visa. I have picked up some ...
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Is it required to keep a Form W-8BEN when paying a foreign contractor?

Bob is a French citizen is a tax resident and permanent resident of the United States. Alice is not a U.S. person and works only outside the U.S. If Bob pays Alice for some work she performed, is it ...
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tax identification number in W8-BEN - Canada specific question

I live in Canada and have done a contract job with a U.S. company, and they ask me to fill a W8-BEN form to pay me. I'm asked to note that on the W8-BEN Form either section 5 or section 6 must be ...
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If I work as a freelancer, do I need a company to invoice my customer?

I am from Malaysia. Recently, I found a company in Singapore that wants to hire me as a freelancer. How should we do the payments? I have a bank account in Singapore and I am wondering if there will ...
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USA taxes for foreign contractor- FW8BEN FORM

I work as an independent contractor (providing personal engineering services) from India for a a USA based company. I receive around 15000$ yearly directly credited to my Indian bank account. I ...
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Where do I pay income tax and how?

When I was in the US before, I worked for a company as a independent contractor under 1099. Now I've come back to India, and I am still working for that same company. The company deposits my pay in my ...
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US taxes Filling in W9 form as a non-resident electing to be taxed as resident

My wife worked in the US in 2022 as an independent contractor on F1-OPT status. She was recently asked by her client to fill in a W9 form. The W9 form specifies that it is for US citizens, or US ...
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Equivalence yearly salary (perm) and daily PAYE (contract) in UK

I have a permanent role in UK that pays £130,000 base salary plus a car allowance of about £6,900. I also receive a bonus (£20,000 per year). Finally my company contributes 10% to my pension plan,I ...
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Retirement benefits vs. better salary/health insurance

I'm a research scientist and postdoctoral fellow in a US government lab. Currently, my position is funded through a DOE-run organization as an educational/training position. The salary is good for my ...
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Independent Contractor

I am an employee and fall within the first tax income bracket in Nova Scotia. I have recently taken up a contract job as an independent contractor that pays about $150 to $200 per month. I want to ...
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State taxes as an international student on opt who worked as contractor

I worked in the U.S. from February 2017 to January 2018 on an F1-OPT status. I was hired as a contractor so I got my monthly salary without any deductions. I used Glacier tax services to file my ...
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Is the full monetary amount of sub-contracting tax deductible?

At the moment I effectively work for myself, contracting full-time to a single company. I invoice this company $x every month. In the near future, I would like to either hire or sub-contract other ...
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Are individuals required to report payments to independent contractors (1099) to CA EDD?

A friend is issuing 1099-MISC as an individual for payments to an independent contractor over $600 during last year. Should he also report those payments to CA state?
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Filing 83(b) election as an international consultant?

I recently went from being an employee in a US company (while being in the US) to being a consultant for the same company (while working abroad in my home country of India). As part of my new ...
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GST and Per Diems.

As an independent contractor I charge GST for my services. When I travel outside of my home area for work I charge a per diem to cover meals and incidental expenses that are not itemized. It is a ...
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Self employed UK freelancer using a US-based contractor

I'm currently working as a freelancer in the UK and registered as self-employed sole trader. One of the things I'd like to do is use the services of another contractor who is a US citizen that lives ...
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Can I have a sidegig contract in the US if im fully employed in the UK?

My current situation is the following: I'm based in the UK. I'm working as a full time employee for a company X that has a client Y. We've finished some work for client Y and they have a US company ...
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pass through tax liability

In this scenario, a single member LLC has income of $100,000 and is passed straight through to the owner, subject to income tax and self employment taxes. Single member LLC has borrowed $105,000 at ...
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what is the fair partnership split in property flipping between the investor and the contractor?

My potential business partner just bought a foreclosure property and asked me to fix it up and sell it. Obviously he is just spending the money but I am doing all the work under my own LLC like being ...
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