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This tag is to be used for questions that deal with the contactless payment method (such as debit/credit card contactless, and other contactless methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay).

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Are contactless cards more secure than "insert required" cards?

I have been using my credit card in Asia. Vendors frequently commented that what I was doing was insecure because my card didn't require a PIN and was not contactless. I got a new card that is ...
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Can I pay in shops with the Google Pay website?

Fairly self-explanatory: can I pay in a shop using the Google Pay website on my phone, rather than having the app?
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What is different about contactless terminals on public transit?

I have a credit card issued by a small financial institution. The credit card is equipped with contactless payment technology, which works at all brick-and-mortar retailers. However, the contactless ...
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Is remote card scanning (contactless payments) a viable attack for fraudsters? Has it been done?

With the advent of contactless payments there are people who are afraid that this could be used to steal their money remotely without them even noticing. I used to be in that camp too until the ...
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Can a transaction be void if the reader said it has been approved?

Yesterday I made an in-person payment using the contactless functionality of my debit card, the reader said that the payment was approved and the transaction was complete. The money from this ...
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What will happen if I attempt a contactless payment over the advertised limit?

I work at a food retailer and we accept contactless payments. I've noticed that our card machines still display the Contactless and Apple Pay symbols when a bill is above the limit for contactless ...
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