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3 answers

Is there a term for the situation where we will over-think small purchases, but not large ones?

I was recently at the record store thinking "I dunno, $10 is a bit much for this. $7...I'd probably buy it. But not for $10." That would be contrasted with a recent house we purchase where I'm sure I ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How do I track my spending on specific small-ticket purchases?

I'm spinning around about the topic of making some usage of receipts from shops to improve some aspect of my health and shopping habits. For example - from the perspective of the month or the year I ...
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1 vote
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Why would somebody return a shoe they already bought and then put it on layaway?

I heard about someone doing this, and I don't fully understand the reasoning behind it; does it mean that they need the money in their bank account for some other pressing bill, and if they offset ...
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Is "buy now pay later" beneficial for consumer? (the four interest-free payments)

Recently, I listened to the podcast episode "Buy now, pay dearly" from Planet money about how companies offer an option to let you pay for a product with 4 interest-free payments. They ...
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