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What does being reported to the CRS entail?

I moved a few years ago from Italy to the UK. Recently, my Italian bank has sent me an email saying that they were going to report me to the CRS. Do I have to worry about it? What does that change for ...
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How do Arab sheikhs cope with new FACTA requirements?

I have noticed that FACTA, especially in Commonwealth countries, like the UK, has began to require elaborate and extensive information disclosures to open or maintain any bank account. For example, ...
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GnuCash recreating Quicken report

I am a quicken user hoping to transfer to GnuCash. I like GnuCash a lot, but am having trouble with creating some specific reports that (IMO) are easy to create in Quicken. Specifically, I have ...
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Foreign governments get access to details of bank account balances?

I have heard a rumor that due to the upcoming Common Reporting Standard the details of bank accounts, including all transactions, will be reported all around the industrialized world and want to know ...
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