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What kind of professional should I speak to regarding protecting a house from auto defacto?

I am currently building a house for myself. My partner is moving in with me; first into a rental property, then once the house is built we will move into the house together. I have read a lot of ...
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How can I legally and efficiently help my girlfriend build equity by helping with a mortgage?

I am in a committed relationship -- but for various reasons don't want to get married. I just bought my first apartment for $200,000 on a 30 year mortgage. My girlfriend will be living with me but her ...
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Should I encourage my spouse to jointly sign our rental lease?

Looking for the advantages/disadvantages for us as a couple. We have been common-law for 9 years and are moving into a new place. My spouse recently lost her job so I will potentially taking most of ...
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Do I need to file taxes jointly with my girlfriend if we live together?

Before I met my girlfriend, I lived in a condo. Now I rented it out and I live with her and pay her rent. Now we are not legally married or signed common law agreement or anything like that, but I ...
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Common-law separation, splitting savings/debt

Scenario: Two people join enter into a common-law living arrangement. One person has a savings account, the other person has a debt. If anything goes wrong, is there any way the person with the ...
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How do I determine the amount of a buy out between common law partners in a home owned together?

I currently own a home with my common law partner. We have lived there for 2 years and are now splitting up. Both our names are on the house, and we have paid 50/50 for everything from down payment / ...
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Is common-law status compulsory/involuntary in Canada or optional/voluntary?

Would a couple have to specifically declare themselves or apply for common-law status, or is it implicitly bestowed? For example, if one passes away, can the other claim common law status without a ...
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Ontario HST rebate: Do common-law couples qualify for the couples (family) rebate?

Do common-law couples qualify for the couples rebate?
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Is it financially-beneficial (tax-wise) for couples to be married, or to remain common-law, in Canada?

Which is more beneficial to your bottom-line (disregarding the cost associated with actually getting married, and assuming no children are involved).
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