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College Planning specialists

I went to a 'free' seminar tonight regarding college planning, how to get the most financial aid possible, etc. It turned out to be a financial planner who specializes in college financial planning. ...
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Is it possible to defer income for a child's education

I have a 16 year old who will be going to college soon. I received a job offer that I have not accepted yet and it includes an annual bonus. Before accepting the offer I wanted to find out what ...
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How do (United States) 529 college savings plans work for attending college in another country?

I've been looking into 529 plans for my son (3 yrs old) but he has dual citizenship (US and Canadian). It is possible that he might attend college in Canada. I've look around for information on ...
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How should I go about investing/saving for my children's college education?

I have 2 kids (10 and 6) and I was thinking about putting money away for them (for college, for instance). I've looked at various options and the more I look, the more I am confused with the array of ...
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What are the rules on overfunding a 529 college savings account?

I read somewhere that overfunding a 529 account could be subject to taxes and a 10% penalty. Does anyone know how this works? Obviously, it is very difficult to predict the tuition costs 10 or 15 ...
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Do adult student's retirement accounts affect financial aid?

Does anybody know whether, for financial aid purposes, colleges (2 or 4 year) will look at an adult student's 401(k)/IRA/pension or other retirement assets when determining financial aid? Please ...
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What are some sites that offer decent deals on college textbooks?

Textbooks are quite expensive these days. I know of, but I don't know of anything else.
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What are some ways to save for a child's education?

My brother just asked me this question: he currently has a son that is three years old. What are some ways to save for his son's education? What are the pros and cons of each way? How much should ...
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How much is college / university projected to cost in the U.S. in 18 years?

[Moderator note: A similar question was recently asked with respect to Canada. This is an important enough question warranting treatment for the U.S. as well.] How much is college / university ...
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How can a 529 plan help me save for my child's college education?

How can a 529 plan help me save for my kid's college education? Who offers 529 plans? Are there any special restrictions or conditions on these plans that I should know about?
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