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How can I figure what fraction of college savings should be in my name vs. my child's name?

I am saving for kids' college expenses and heard (somewhere?) that one's expected contribution for college will be calculated at 100% of the child's assets and 7% of the parents' assets. (I believe it ...
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Can I take a Tuition and Fees Deduction when receiving third party assistance?

My wife and I took the Tuition and Fees Deduction in 2015 after receiving a 1098-T from her accredited University that had box 2 (Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses) as $5603.80....
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Understanding the effect of parent PLUS loan on the parent's credit score

I am helping a family navigate paying for college and I have a question that I cannot seem to answer by searching this site or any of the federal sites. Suppose the mom takes out a Parent PLUS loan ...
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Keep in state tuition when relocating to another state

My wife and I have lived in NC state for more than 10 years. I enrolled in an online program in the state university for continuing education one year ago. And eventually I will get a degree in 3 or 4 ...
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W8-BEN form for Indian student pursuing PhD in USA (NJ)

I got admitted to Rutgers as a PhD student and I'd be getting around $25.9k for my TA-ship each year. My department asked me to fill the W8-BEN form but I got stuck while filling fields 5 (SSN) , 7 (...
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How should I record a reimbursement for college tuition?

My dad just gave me $4200 to pay for the college semester, and he expects nothing in return. I would like to correctly record this using double-entry bookkeeping. Normally, I would just pay for ...
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Should I sell investments to pay for grad school?

I'm planning to attend graduate school (USA), which will cost around 200k over 3 years. I have about 200k in highly appreciated stock (basis average of 100k, long-term gain) in a personal investment ...
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Beta of portfolio containing stocks and risk free assets

(c) Tilly Tiepy has an equally weighted portfolio comprising 30 stocks and a risk free asset. The average beta of the stocks of 1.2. Tilly has half the value of her portfolio in treasury (exchequer) ...
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