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Paying off debt and living within means vs. long term planning

My husband and I are divided as to the best way to handle our current financial situation. First, a little background. We are in our high 20’s, have been married for six years and have three kids. ...
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Should a high-school student invest their (relative meager) savings?

I am a high school student, I don't really have much money, between one and two grand in my savings account. However, I have friends who are investing in both penny stocks and stocks. I do not really ...
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How will I pay for college?

The SAT is coming up soon for me and, with it, everything college. I had held the impression that I was just going to rack up student loans, go to college, and then pay them off with whatever job I ...
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What is a good strategy for an over-funded 529 account?

Given a situation where there is an abundance of funds in a 529 account for the current educational situation, what is a clean strategy for getting the money out with minimal taxation? This over-...
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What are the rules on overfunding a 529 college savings account?

I read somewhere that overfunding a 529 account could be subject to taxes and a 10% penalty. Does anyone know how this works? Obviously, it is very difficult to predict the tuition costs 10 or 15 ...
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529 Plans vs Coverdell ESA

I was recently introduced to ESAs (did not know they even existed), and am trying to decide if I want to open an ESA or a 529 account. I was attracted to the ESA initially because it looks like you ...
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How can a 529 plan help me save for my child's college education?

How can a 529 plan help me save for my kid's college education? Who offers 529 plans? Are there any special restrictions or conditions on these plans that I should know about?
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529 (college saving) account for multiple kids

I have a 529 account for my 3-year-old. We just discovered we're expecting another baby. Is it better to open a new 529 for the new baby or just keep contributing to one and then split it later on?
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Can I personally start and use a 529 college savings account?

I am still a college student, and I am currently working. I am taking out loans for my tuition costs and paying for the rest of my expenses out of pocket (from my job). Yet I was wondering if I could ...
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What are some ways to save for a child's education?

My brother just asked me this question: he currently has a son that is three years old. What are some ways to save for his son's education? What are the pros and cons of each way? How much should ...
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