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Determining Virginia Capital-Gains on Collectible Cards

How do I determine what the capital-gains tax is on an item like Collectible Cards, in the state of Virginia? (one-time sale of cards older than a year, not a businessman). Additionally, how does this ...
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I might have a rare coin [closed]

I have a 1944 coin. The back is different. I'm not sure if it has any error since the coin is a bit dirty -- it needs to be cleaned. It does have a mint mark. Is there anything I can do with this?
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Why don't companies just print more of valuable items?

I just had somebody show off her Pokémon card collection. One of the cards is worth a lot of money now for some reason. Why doesn't Pokémon, Inc. just print more of that particular card? Do they have ...
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Is it possible/easy to get some rare banknotes and/or coins that worth more than the face value?

Today I got a few Eisenhower dollars from my bank and it seems they worth slightly more than one dollar each as they are rarer. In general, is possible/easy to get some rare notes and/or coins that ...
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Bullion coins questions

I'm planning on buying Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins. What confuses me the most is the face value of the coins. For instance, copper coins have face value of 5 euros. Will I always be able to ...
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Which US coin type has more older coins in circulation?

Which US coin type (as in Quarters, Cents, Dimes, Nickels, Half Dollars, etc.) has the most old coins out of all in circulation?
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If Canadian silver coins are worth their value in precious metal/face value, why do the mints sell them for many times their worth?

I was recently taking a look at the the new Zodiac silver coin series of the Canadian Mint. For each Zodiac sign silver coin, the number minted is 5500 coins. their face value is 3 $CAD , 99.99% ...
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Moving Coin Collection to Stapled Coin Pockets

I'm organizing my coin collection into stapled pockets, organized in the special coin sleeves in a binder. In additional to my previously bulk-stored coins, I have about a half dozen of the blue ...
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What factors may affect the future value of collectible items?

Some collectibles plummet, others remain about the same value, and some just continue to go up with age. If I am considering investing in collectibles, what are some factors I should be aware of that ...
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Tax liability for selling inherited collectibles on eBay?

When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me some collectible items, which at the time were worthless. Many years later, this stuff is actually worth a few thousand dollars. If I sell this stuff on ...
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Will modern coins and currency be worth money in the future?

Coins that are hundreds of years old can be worth a bit of money, but generally because they are rare. Say, I had some notes of francs or Zimbabwe dollars or some other currencies that are no longer ...
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