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Questions tagged [co-sign]

In loans, a co-signer guarantees repayment because the lender believes the main signer has an unacceptably high possibility of defaulting on the loan. Use with the [loans] tag.

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What to do when my co-signer files Chapter 7?

I have an open auto loan and have finally caught my payments back up. My mother is overwhelmed by her debt and is the co-signer on the loan. She has officially filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and told ...
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How do co-applicants affect loan terms and credit histories?

Alice and Bob are considering applying for a loan - for a discussion example, an Acme credit card. They have no previous credit connection. Applying individually, Alice would probably not be ...
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Should I encourage my spouse to jointly sign our rental lease?

Looking for the advantages/disadvantages for us as a couple. We have been common-law for 9 years and are moving into a new place. My spouse recently lost her job so I will potentially taking most of ...
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Can I refinance my spouse's student loan?

In the recent 2 years my wife and I aggressively paid off a lot of debt in credit cards (leveraging some zero-fee, low fee balance transfer and using the money from sale of my stocks and our salaries)....
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