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In loans, a co-signer guarantees repayment because the lender believes the main signer has an unacceptably high possibility of defaulting on the loan. Use with the [loans] tag.

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14 votes
3 answers

Co-signed a loan and I need to have my name removed

I co-signed on a car loan with my partner, and now that we are no longer together I want to have my name removed. He has had the car a year now and has been on his job over an year, but he won't do ...
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165 votes
10 answers

My friend wants to put my name down for a house he's buying. What risks would I be taking?

My good friend, who I have known since we were kids, asked me for a favor today. He originally intended to get a house with his now ex-girlfriend so that he could invest in one and later on, sell it. ...
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70 votes
12 answers

I cosigned for a friend who is not paying the payment

I cosigned for a loan for a friend. He has now moved away and is not making payments. I have been asked to pay--they even called my job--and I need to keep my credit. The payments are too high for me ...
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23 votes
5 answers

Should you co-sign a personal loan for a friend/family member? Why/why not?

I know someone who was recently asked to co-sign a hefty loan by a family member. I don't know what I'd do if I was put in the same position as the one asked. What are the risks? What are things to ...
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I co-signed a car but I am listed as the primary account holder for the loan

I co-signed a car and want to be removed. My first thing is that I am listed as the primary account holder for the loan, but I signed the papers as the co-signer/co-buyer. If to fix the situation as ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Co-signing & dying: What if a loan co-signer dies? Is estate of co-signer liable?

A grim and tragic question perhaps, but I'm curious: What happens when a person that co-signed on a loan dies? Is the co-signer's estate potentially liable until the loan is paid off, the same as if ...
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72 votes
9 answers

If the co-signer on my car loan dies, can the family take the car from me like they're threatening to?

I have a car, both me and by grandpa are on the title. As I cannot get loan on my own, my grandpa is my cosigner. My grandpa is almost 90, and chances are he may not be around till the loan is paid ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Are cosigner finder websites like, etc. legit?

I am a foreigner to USA and would like to pursue masters in CS in USA. But based on the current state of USD, I won't be able to pay the costs of tuition on my own. So, I will be taking a loan from ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Get car loan w/ part time job as student with no credit, no-cosigner but no expenses

This is the only place where I knew to turn for a question like this. I am a student (if that will make me look better to the loan officers), but I'm fairly certain I have no credit. I took out a ...
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6 votes
1 answer

I signed on as the co-signer on a car loan and somehow ended up being the primary name on the account

I know a person should never co-sign for anyone. I always have. This is why I feel so stupid but I signed on to a car loan 4 or 5 months ago for my ex. I was against it but the fact she was hanging my ...
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5 votes
1 answer

What can I do as a co-signer?

As a co-signer on an auto loan, how can I go about obtaining the vehicle if the other person defaults? Both of our names are on the title as well.
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3 votes
1 answer

My cosigner mistakingly signed as the buyer

Me and my fiancee went car shopping. She found something she liked, suitable for her, but we needed a cosigner. We tried everyone to no avail until we were able to reach my cousin who agreed to cosign....
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87 votes
6 answers

I co-signed on an apartment for a now ex-boyfriend who refuses to pay. What can I do?

I co-signed on an apartment with my ex-boyfriend when I was 18 and he was 21. We broke up. I am now 26 and it has been in collections for years. He refuses to help pay the debt. I am now stuck with ...
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25 votes
2 answers

I cosigned on a house for my brother

I cosigned a mortgage for my brother 9 years ago. I was young and he convinced me that it would be good for my credit. Recently my credit dropped 70 points because he was 60 days late on the payment. ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How do I get myself out this disastrous situation

I put a car in my name and my fiancé was the co-signer for a lease because his credit wasn't good. Now we aren't together and he stopped paying and everything is on me. I also leased a new truck from ...
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Estate liability for co-signer to Sallie Mae student loan?

My son has student loans. I co-signed on three that are currently with Sallie Mae. He stopped paying so I am doing that in order to protect my own credit. What is my estate's liability should I die ...
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If I co-sign on a loan for someone, am I putting up money (is there a cost)?

Does it cost me anything if I co-sign a loan for someone?
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6 votes
2 answers

Family who did not make the car payments as a cosigner

Sorry for the long story...but need advice. My husband was suppose to cosign for a car that his brother wanted. When he went to the dealership, they told him he would have to be the primary signer ...
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1 answer

Cosigning - cosigner won't pay and won't give any information or transfer asset

Earlier this year, I co-signed on a truck for my then-boyfriend. I recently moved out of town and no longer speak with him except to remind him to make the truck payments. His responses are that he is ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Dealership made me the secondary owner to my own car

January of 2016 I bought a car from wilett honda south which is located in Georgia, with the help of my ex boyfriend. It was my very first car and I didn't really have much help besides a co signer ...
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4 votes
6 answers

cosign a car loan, what is true $ risk

I asked a question and I am asking same question from a different angle. For example purpose, If I have friend( know for 6-7 years), who came to USA recently ( and I happen to come 2-3 years ago), ...
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I cosigned for my son. He took off in the car before it was fully financed. I want my name completely off the car

I cosigned for my son. He took off in the car before it was fully financed. I want my name off the car. We signed paperwork stating we agreed on a 60 month term through a bank but then found out the ...
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Co- Signed car loan and need to have the other signer relinquish claim to ownership

I recently went and purchased a new vehicle and had my girlfriend co sign and I traded in my old car as a down payment. The finance department ended up writing up the paperwork listing her as the ...
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3 votes
5 answers

Can I cosign a car loan up to a limited amount?

Can a person co-sign a car loan up to a specific amount, less than the full value of the loan? Article says that "You’re actually committing to be 100% responsible for that debt". For example, ...
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