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Citigroup Inc (branded Citi) is an American financial services company.

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4 answers

Does not the credit card company lose money by giving 5% cash back?

My credit card company gives me 5% cashback on my top eligible spend category up to $500 spent each billing cycle and 1% unlimited cash back on all other purchases. From my reading, credit card ...
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Credit Card Price Protection programs: Benefit already received, notify if purchase refunded?

A credit card holder uses a Price Protection program (for instance, Citi Price Rewind) commonly found with many credit cards and is refunded an amount for a drop in the purchased item's price. Later,...
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6 votes
4 answers

Cancelling a credit card when credit card company won't let you cancel? Who to complain to?

So I have what I think is an interesting and funny Catch-22 that might give someone a chuckle. And perhaps someone can help me! I just got a American Airlines Advantage Citibank Platinum Select ...
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What do US banks look for while processing a check

I recently had two issues with banks & checks I deposited a check payable to my spouse & me in our joint account at the bank ATM. It was accepted, then rejected - missing endorsement. Turns ...
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How Credit Card company makes money (when considering rewards and pay full balance every month)

I am aware of two income sources: interest and merchant transaction fees. But it doesn't quite add up. For example, Citi Double Cash pays total 2% cashback. And considering balance is paid off every ...
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Virtual (one-time) card number expiration period

Bank of America, Citi and Discover card provide one-time card number or virtual card number that can be used online in order to buy something while not using one's own real credit card number. I ...
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2 answers

Currency conversion from US Citi Prepaid [closed]

I've got some money sent to me from US on a Citi Prepaid card. (Payment from Google for Google Summer of Code 2012.) However, I live in Croatia, and the withdrawal fees ($3 per withdrawal, 3% for ...
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18 votes
10 answers

Snowball debt or pay off a large amount?

I recently received a large amount of money, well large in my eyes, around 5000 dollars. I have the following cards: $10619 citi card ($234.35/month) $2500 Best Buy Card - deferred interest ...
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Can the bid price for selling the same call option in calendar spread be different from that in covered call?

I am trying to sell C (citi) call options expiring 2013 Jan at $5.00 in 2 different modes. Calendar spread mode: Bid Price is $0.24 Covered call mode: Bid Price is $1.01 1)Why is there a difference ...
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Credit card changed by card company: Why is Citi changing my Visa dividend platinum select card to dividend world Mastercard?

My citi divident platinum select card is being replaced with citi dividend world mastercard. I don't quite understand their explanation. But what are the changes on the benefits? why change from ...
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May 6, 2010 stock market decline/plunge: Why did it drop 9% in a few minutes?

Today (5/6/2010) the market dropped almost 900 points in less than an hour. I don't see any news story that explains the drop. Am I missing something obvious?
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What are some of the best companies for Roth IRA account?

Currently, I have an Roth IRA account with Citi bank, but they moved my account to their affiliates. They won't allow me to buy stocks that are below $5 on their site, I have to call them and they ...
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How do I know my Citi credit card account number for setting up a Virtual Account Number?

I have a credit card from Citibank, and I want to create an Online Account¹ (a virtual credit card number) but it asks me for my "Credit Card Account Number". Upon entering my credit card ...
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