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On cards with a chip, why does every chip have a different design?

Even with the same card issuer (for example, I have two Discover credit cards of the same "model" for the same account), the chip always has a different outline. What's the reason for this?
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Do card chips expire before the cards do?

A while ago, I got a credit card with a magnetic stripe and a chip that looks like this: A couple months ago, I noticed that every time I tried to use the card, I would get something like "CHIP ...
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Why do most cards now (debit, credit) have both chip and magnetic strip? [duplicate]

Why did financial institutions added chip to credit, debit cards while they already had magnetic strip? Is there different kind of information stored on both and how is chip card with magnetic strip ...
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Do banks automatically replace damaged chip cards? [closed]

In an answer I wrote about credit card fallback, I said If your bank starts receiving lots of indications that your chip isn't working, they may simply just send you a new card. After all, you're ...
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Dispute for a VISA chip credit card

I had a chip based VISA credit card. In August, there was a fraudulent transaction of ~422$ by "HY VEE 1624" from the US. I immediately called up my bank (ICICI), blocked the card and raised ...
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Isn't the security of credit cards with chip worse than with signature?

(I'd expect this question to be duplicate, but couldn't find any that matches the point) It seems to me that the security of credit card transactions got worse by the switch from signing to chip ...
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Are Online Debit System and Pin-and-Chip Debit card one and the same thing?

Look at and I have seen many a discussions revolving around the supposedly more secure chip-and-pin/EVM Debit/Credit cards. Are these the ...
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Chip atm cards and Mexico

Does anyone know if atm machines at banks in Mexico generally require cards with chips?
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Why is EMV chip+signature gaining popularity over chip+PIN in the United States?

With the U.S. finally making the transition to EMV technology, I am surprised that the major banks are going with Chip+Signature technology over Chip+PIN. I think it is far more convenient for the ...
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Why does the introduction of chip & pin appear to be so controversial in the United States?

The past few weeks there have been many news articles about the introduction of chip & pin in the United States; most of these articles are against it and citing such 'issues' as: "Some people ...
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is this a chip & signature amex?

Well it looks like it has a chip in it so idk. I ask because I'll be doing some international traveling soon and would like a chip & signature amex.
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Are U.S. mobile provider contactless payment services compatible with similar systems abroad?

With major U.S. mobile service providers rolling out Isis (contactless payment using a cell phone) and Google Wallet tap and pay gaining popularity, I wonder if these payments are compatible with ...
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Is this a different Travelex chip and pin card? [closed]

Previously, it was said that Travelex didn't provide a product in the US market, but I just found this on their website today: It seems to offer ...
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How secure is payWave debit card compared to a chip-and-PIN one?

My bank in Australia (SuncorpMetway) just issued me a new payWave Debit card (VISA) to replace my old/expiring savings account card. My old card required a PIN for any withdrawal or purchase. I ...
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How do I shield or protect my 'chipped' card from thieves? (block the RFID transmitter)

I read an article in the news today called "Police caution that credit-card chips make it easier for thieves". Apparently, because the chips are transmitting a radio signal (an RFID), this signal can ...
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Are the new "Smart" or "Chip" Credit Cards better from a security standpoint?

The new Chip credit cards are being introduced to provide better security to consumers, merchants and credit card vendors. Sample Card: (source: Card Reader & PIN Entry: ...
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