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A type of bank account that allows unlimited withdrawals and usually gives no interest on the balance. The account can be set up so that a negative balance produces an instant loan, referred to as Overdraft Protection. The term checking is used in US and Canada. In other countires the term Current-Account is also used to indicate the same type of account. Related tags "savings-account", "bank-account"

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Bootstrapping Process for Creating a Single-member Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

So I’ve read in a number of forums—mostly StackExchange and Reddit—that it’s a good idea to separate personal and business funds/transactions so that when it’s time to organize information for taxes (...
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Is it fine to use Savings account to pay salaries? what is the downside?

It is taking us time to get checking/current account for the business. We want to know, if it is OK to pay through Business Owner's personal savings account and still have it as a record of business. ...
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How can I see if/what income/current account payment data is gathered by credit referencing agencies?

According to two Telegraph articles: Almost all of Britain's banks now record most current account customers' monthly incoming payments. This is distributed monthly to credit reference agencies [..] ...
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How to check bank bonus web page from last year?

I opened account in a TD bank. Bank had promotion going on in August 2020. I close account in same bank before 2 years. Promotion T&C was starts with Offer is available to new personal checking ...
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ACH transfer to incorrect account type ('Savings' instead of 'Checking') - US bank to another US bank: Is it lost?

A friend visiting the US was asked to transfer $2000 for rent payment to a US bank account. On February 12th, while doing an ACH transfer from his US bank account to the landlord's account in another ...
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How do I identify product code from a bank account number

I am trying to classify savings account and current account from a bank account number. Need to understand the pattern for Kotak Mahindra Bank
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Opening Business Bank Account in Europe

I have an online travel agency in USA and I want to open a business account in Europe to reach out to European customers. As an owner, I am not a resident of Europe. I appreciate if someone direct me ...
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Bank accounts closed unexpectedly, funds missing

Wells Fargo bank closed my accounts and haven't sent me my funds. I keep getting run around about who to call; what can I do?
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