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Is there a good solution to not paying extra charges when paying by payment card?

One hears about situations where someone legitimately pays using a payment card, but further charges are made unexpectedly. Examples include additional charges determined by the company without ...
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German discount brokers that don't claim fund's periodic kickback payments

In Germany, it's legal for an investment fund to pay your securities account provider a yearly provision. Basically it's a form of kickback payment, i.e. one where your broker that provides you your ...
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Premium charges

Can anybody explain me please what Premium charges in CBOT Rulebook are - (section 14108 Premium charges)? I am somehow ...
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How can I accurately anticipate wire transfer fees from intermediary banks?

When sending an international wire transfer, the transmitting and receiving financial institutions both (usually) assess fees associated with the transfer. These fees can be accurately anticipated by ...
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Autorenew with extra services I didn't ask for

A certain company has charged me $150/year for the same service for the past several years. But then this month when they renewed they decided to add an extra service to my autorenewal without any ...
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Will withdrawing consent prevent a merchant from increasing the amount of a pending hold on a credit card?

There are instances where the amount on a pending charge changes when a charge is actually posted. For example, when you leave a tip at the restaurant, your pending charge shows the pre-tip amount, ...
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Do I have any recourse to get a refund for a cancelled flight?

I booked a trip through Cheap Flights for airfare and hotel. Within a couple of hours I cancelled the trip. Cheap Flights cancelled the room but not the flight. They also did not advise me how to ...
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Unexpected overcharge on international transaction

I am living in Australia, and recently made a fairly large purchase online from a company based in the UK. When I made the purchase, it was during a promo period where the cost was 40% off the usual ...
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What happens if a purchase is $0.02 in Canada?

In 2012, the Canadian Mint abolished the 1¢ penny, and decided that all cash payments be rounded to the nearest 5¢ nickel, so that: $0.98 to $1.02 → $1.00 $1.03 to $1.07 → $1.05 $1.08 to $1.10 → $1....
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Will holdings in high-OCF pre-RDR non-"clean-priced" fund unit types eventually be converted to clean priced units?

As soon as it was practical, I made sure all my own fund investments were migrated to a platform with "clean priced" fund units available (and even before that I'd been making use of a trail-...
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Gnucash: How to find transactions of a specific amount?

I've got a Gnucash credit card account in which I'd like to find all transactions of a specific amount. The Find window doesn't have the Charge Amount field in it, and I don't see any relevant ...
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Find out if I have recurring charges to my accounts?

I do online payments for various services, and I'm wondering if over the years I've accumulated some recurring (perhaps annual) charges that I've forgotten about, for services I no longer use. Is ...
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Gnucash: How to add up all charges on a credit card within a period

I have "Liability" account in Gnucash for my credit card. Each expense made using my card is shown there as "Charge", while each payment I made to the credit card account from my checking account is ...
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Swedish Eurocard Credit Card

What are the currency conversion changes for Eurocard credit card issued in Sweden? The official website is in Swedish and hard to navigate to locate this information.
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How can I refute an excessive surcharge for debit card payment?

I recently paid a company to carry out some work on our house. I made a payment over the phone and spoke to a nice lady who took my debit card details. However when I checked my bank account I ...
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UK Stocks & Shares ISA - Annual maintenance charge

I've been thinking about starting a UK Stocks & Shares based ISA. I am planning on using my Banking company to start the ISA with. I understand that they have a 2% annual maintenance charge for ...
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How do credit card companies make profit?

How do credit card companies make profit by giving us credit for 40-50 days (India). I purchase something on my credit card and I pay it to the credit card company after some days. How are they going ...
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How can I save on banking charges?

What tips and tricks do people use to keep the cost of banking down?
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How much does it cost to buy mutual funds? Where can I find about about the charges?

Regarding investing in mutual funds: How much does it cost to buy mutual funds? Where can I find about about the charges?
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