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Questions tagged [cash]

For questions relating to paying in cash, cash deposits, accepting cash, cash on financial statements, etc.

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Would cash held in a US brokerage account by a non-resident alien be subject to US estate tax?

According to the IRS page, it seems like the answer is a no, as cash is neither US real estate, tangible property or securities of US companies. U.S.-situated assets include American real estate, ...
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Tail hedging with cash

Vineer Bhansali in his book Tail Risk Hedging makes some claims regarding portfolio protection: For losses of 0% to -5%, just diversification For losses of -5% to -15%, alternative betas (momentum) ...
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Any recourse in recouping locksmith charge?

Was locked out of my apartment with no way to re-enter and needed to get in. Locksmith refused to quote me any amount prior to arriving. After they arrived (30 minutes later), they informed me that ...
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How can I automate recurring cash payments to an individual?

(US-based question) I currently give cash to several people on a regular basis: small cash gifts to help out unemployed relatives, tutors for my child, neighbors' children doing some yard work, and so ...
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Paying in cash limit - EU

Certain EU countries tend to have a limit for cash payments. For example France and Spain have a limit of ~3000€ for residents and 15.000€ for non residents (tourists). On the other hand, Germany, ...
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Cashing my economic impact payment

I currently have no ID. I went to the DMV yesterday with my birth certificate, social security card, and prof of residence to get a state issued ID and they rudely informed me that they are not ...
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How can a person prepare for a redenomination?

Redenomination is being discussed in South Korea. While some officials announced that they are considering this as a long-term assignment or not even considering, the gold price is already fluctuating....
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May an international student on F1-Visa accept money (cash rewards) in return of contributions made online?

I am an international student currently studying on F1-student-visa in united states. There are many websites where I can contribute (for example, by adding questions/answers, writing articles etc.) ...
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Can I overdraw my cashapp card?

Can I overdraw my cashapp card if it starts with a positive balance to buy diapers and food and Walmart? I have $1.09 on my card and laid off right now. I have no 211 resources anywhere near my area.
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International cash to bank transfer: how to minimize losses?

I live in the United Arab Emirates. I have 10,000 USD in cash. I have a bank account in USD in a Czech bank. What is the best way of transferring that money to my bank account? My situation is quite ...
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Wise cash balance interest program and NY state residents

Why is it that the cash balance program (and consequent FDIC insurance) that Wise offers its customers is not available to residents of New York State? Is there any way around this?
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Where do coins primarily enter circulation?

I’m in the UK but would also be interested in answers about other countries. When newly minted coins enter circulation (here in the UK it’s via dedicated Cash Centres), what % go to different types of ...
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Cash Deposit in Sparkasse Bank

I have a bank account at the Sparkasse (A German Bank). I have some cash, Can I deposit in the Bank Branches, even if I only have an ATM Card? Which charges are applicable and maximum how much cash I ...
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