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For questions related to transactions in or physical ownership of standard quantities of precious metals.

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How to vet a gold bullion supplier

In some sense, this question is a general one and not specific to my case. I am looking to order gold bullion from a seemingly reputable website. Funnily enough, I've ordered countless things before ...
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Are there any legal risks/implications of this indirect gold purchasing process

Setup: My wife and I live in UK. My In-Laws are UK expats currently living in Switzerland. They are investing some of their savings into Gold Bullion. (not interested in any assessment of that ...
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How to sell gold and silver bullion legally and through legitimate buyers

Please note: This might seem like a over-simple question, but I do believe its on topic, and it is certainly not a duplicate. In fact, I can't find a credible answer to this question anywhere on the ...
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Bullion coins questions

I'm planning on buying Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins. What confuses me the most is the face value of the coins. For instance, copper coins have face value of 5 euros. Will I always be able to ...
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Can individual investors buy precious metals at the spot price?

I'm learning about investing in precious metals. I know that when you buy gold or silver bullion from a dealer, you typically pay the dealer a commission above the spot price. I'm working from an ...
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What are the differences between gold/siver "coin" vs. "round"?

There two types of silver (and gold) in the market available: silver coin and silver round. I am looking answers for this two questions. What are the main difference between them, and advantages of ...
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Can damaged gold bullion be sold at a bank?

I am considering to buy gold bullion from my local bank and I am performing a risk analysis considering the storage. One major question is what happens if the gold bullion take damage. My bank offers ...
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Storing gold and silver

Apart from midnight-gardening, what are some of the truly safe and cost-effective storage methods for gold and silver bullion? This is for core bullion with no numismatic value. I am looking ...
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What are some legitimate places to buy gold bullion bars in USA?

I am looking to buy gold bars. Just the element with minimal "craftsmanship". What are some good places/outlets to buy gold in the USA?
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What metals are available as bullion/coins?

Everyone is familiar with gold and silver coins and bullion. What other metals are available as bullion or coins, or other tradable form?
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