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1 answer

What is happening when a company wants to trade on a new stock exchange

I invested a year ago 5000 € in a company, listed on the Bulgarian (BG) stock exchange, because I really believed in their home automation products. Today it is doing well and after a capital increase,...
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Whats the best option to increase my net worth, now that I have an income and some money to save?

I am 25 years old software developer with no loans. Before my software developer work I rarely had more than enough money to live by and I was not thinking of savings and such since I didn't any spare ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Steuer klasse change when my wife working in other country in EU

Does somebody know how I can change my "Steuerklasse" from 1 to 3 in case my wife works in another country in EU ( Bulgaria). Our daughter leaves also in Bulgaria. She works for a French international ...
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27 votes
4 answers

Is it normal for brokers to ask whether I am a beginner?

I know that a broker would try to do their best to help a customer learn if they are beginners so that they stick with them. Apart from that, do you think there might be other reasons behind doing it? ...
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