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How do I see how much savings I will have at the end of the budget period with GnuCash?

I have set up a budget in GnuCash for a one year period, and I started out with some money in each of my accounts. How do I find out how much money I will be left with at the end of the budget period? ...
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What expenses should I plan for when considering move to the USA from Europe?

I'm considering a move from Europe to the USA - but I somewhat struggle to compare salaries because of some big differences in living costs. So far when trying to budget life in the USA I got this: ...
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Correct way to track paycheck deductions when using personal finance sites?

I have been using and for a while now and was wondering how do you track things like health insurance, 401k deductions, and your real income (before deductions). Mint....
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How to keep track of daily expenses having two currencies?

I want to keep track of my daily expenses using a system as simple as possible. My current choice is to have a spreadsheet where I keep track of my budget: One page controls the monthly budget ...
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Do any Belgian banks offer "virtual" accounts/cards/investment systems/funds where I can put aside money for purchase budgeting?

In order to be fiscally responsible, I would like to put aside a number of small distinct amounts of my monthly salary for specific types of purchases. For example, currently I do my PC games ...
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How to keep track of my total liquid capitals

I want to buy a house, so I need to know how much money + stocks I have. I have three "savings": my bank account, a deposit account and some company stocks (I also have some RSU, but I haven'...
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Is Tiller a trustworthy for tracking personal finance & budgeting?

I want to track my personal transactions with spreadsheets and do budgeting there. I came across, which seems to solve that perfectly. I want to be smart about who I expose my ...
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