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A tag for marking questions related to printed material for reading about topics. Not for questions about 'the books' in an accounting sense.

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Book or web site resources for an absolute beginner to learn about stocks and investing? [closed]

I'm completely new to the world of investing and stocks. Knowing that I shouldn't invest or buy stocks until I know it well enough, I was wondering which cheap or affordable resources would be the ...
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Totally new to finance, economy, where should I start?

I'd like to get to get some theoretical knowledge about finance before I start to invest. My goal would be to eventually trade on the stock market. What are some good books/resources for beginners ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Recommendation for learning fundamental analysis?

I want to understand those various measures of stocks and companies, such as PE, PEG, ..., which I can find from Yahoo Finance etc, and how those measures can help in choosing stocks. I guess that ...
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What are some good books for learning stocks, bonds, derivatives e.t.c for beginner with a math background?

Despite being STEM person, I always wanted to learn how stock & financial markets work. I always wanted to know how those stocks work, what are those bonds e.t.c. The only struggle I am having, ...
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Solid reading/literature for investment/retirement/income taxes? [closed]

I'm striving for financial literacy and education. I've been really frustrated with most of the literature that's out there surrounding retirement, income taxes, and investment. Most of it seems ...
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8 votes
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Ongoing things to do and read to improve knowledge of finance? [closed]

In this forum, there are a lot of people whose primary job is programming. And yet they are very knowledgeable on a lot of financial topics. Can you please share what you do/read on a regular basis ...
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How do I calculate my net worth according to the book "The Millionaire Next Door"?

I remember reading about PAWs, UAWs, and AAWs. I also remember that the formula for what your net worth should be on average (to be an AAW) is your income (without inheritance[s]) multiplied by one ...
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Day Trading introductory books

I realize that day trading is considered to be highly risky, but the subject fascinates me and I would like to learn more about it as well as read about past experiences, both good and bad. Do you ...
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Book for balance sheet reading? [closed]

What is an easy to understand book that teaches a beginner how to read a balance sheet? Something like a Balance Sheet for Dummies?
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