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Bookkeeping is the process of recording business data in a prescribed format. It often forms the first step in the accounting procedures of a company.

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UK - Do I need to file final accounts when striking off an empty <12 months old company?

I would like to strike off an empty UK ltd company which is <12 month old and has never done any business and has no employees. My accountant has advised me I don't need to file final accounts ...
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What account should be debited using double entry accounting for a stock spinoff transaction

I use ledger for tracking my personal finances. I'm trying to record a transaction where a stock I owned spun off shares of another company. (The specific case I'm referring to is when BioTime spun ...
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Is me sending some Bitcoin to a Tor service a transaction? Or only when I buy something with those Bitcoin from the Tor service?

I've started recording all my money transactions, be them fiat or Bitcoin. Now I wonder how to record the following situation: I have an existing 0.05 BTC in my Bitcoin Core wallet running on my ...
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How to account for temporary fundraiser and liabilities that result

I have a temporary fundraiser that I would like to track. People have sent me money, but everything that is sent to me should come with a matching liability (that must be paid out in the future). I'm ...
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Booking or Settlement date when only one is given?

Going through the CVS files from different banks, I noticed that some just list a single transaction date, while others differentiate the booking date and the settlement date. Is there any convention ...
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How do I set up the books for LLC taxed as a C-Corp?

Most resources online for bookeeping for LLCs immediately repeat a myth about C-Corp taxation subjecting you to double-taxation, declare that nobody would set up their single-member LLC as anything ...