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Questions tagged [bond-etf]

Bond ETFs are exchange-traded funds that invest mainly in bonds.

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Should I invest in US bond ETF as a US Non-resident Alien? If so, how should I manage the bond portfolio?

I’m currently investing in US market using IBKR with 70% index ETF (QQQ, VOO, etc.) and 30% bond ETF split (only BND at the moment). I’ve done this for two years I’m aware that a 30% withholding tax ...
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Why do some monthly bond ETFs have no dividend in January?

For example, the following bond ETFs have monthly dividends except in January: 1) ------------...
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Where can I find the European equivalent ETFs from a USD superdiversified 10 ETFs portfolio

I have been using this superdiversified 10 ETFs portfolio. To lower the risk it's composed from stocks and bonds across the globe and includes some commodities. Being in USD currency and the Euro ...
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