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Questions tagged [bond-etf]

Bond ETFs are exchange-traded funds that invest mainly in bonds.

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3 answers

How do you short US Treasuries?

As the US government continues to issue record levels of debt, I don't think it can continue to sell that debt at 2 - 3% interest. It will face the simple supply/demand law of economics — the more ...
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Why does the yield on SHY (US treasury bond ETF) seem so bad?

With the US interest rate increasing so much lately, I am interested in putting some more of my money into US treasury bonds. I am looking at the SHY ETF on Fidelity, which is an ETF comprising short-...
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What determines the price of fixed income ETFs?

I am curious about what determines the value of fixed income ETFs? Is it the prices of bonds? The yields of bonds? Or the coupon of bonds? I know that prices and yields move in inverse directions. So,...
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Does an owner of a bond etf get an income even if he sells before the day of distribution?

Suppose an investor owns a bond ETF for 1 month and sells without waiting for the date of income distribution, will he still get paid an income for owning the bond ETF for 1 month? This does not work ...
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Non-resident alien: Why did I pay no tax on dividend income? [duplicate]

I have a US stock brokerage account, and I am a non-resident alien. From my understanding, dividend income of non-resident aliens is taxed at a flat 30% rate (assuming no applicable tax treaties). I ...
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