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The governing body usually over a corporation but over other company structures too. They are usually elected by the owners of a company and have approval powers over company finances and the top executive.

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Could employees of s&p 500 companies elect employee friendly board members

Individual employees often hold stock in the company they work for through grants, stock purchase plans, 401k/Roth investments, HSA accounts, etc. either directly in the stock or indirectly through ...
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If he wanted control of the company, why didn't Elon Musk buy 51% of Twitter shares instead of 100%? [closed]

This might be a simple question but the answer escapes me. Elon Musk wanted full control of Twitter, so he bought every outstanding share and made the company private. Couldn't he have achieved the ...
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How could someone pester company managers to raise its dividend? [duplicate]

I'm reading The Intelligent Investor, and quote: Graham became a master at researching stocks in microscopic, almost molecular, detail. In 1925, plowing through the obscure reports filed by oil ...
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Are these proxy vote questions pointless?

On many proxy vote forms, as a shareholder, you can vote "for" or "withhold" on some board of director members and appointment of an auditor. You can vote "for" or "...
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Is it important for OTC-traded companies to have independent directors? [closed]

Most companies that are traded in the US over-the-counter stock market do not have independent directors, but some do. Should the existence of independent directors in OTC companies be considered a ...
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Will I eventually own 100% of the shares if my stock keeps on splitting? [closed]

I want to become a board director and in this question How do I get a seat on the board of directors? people told me that I need lots of shares to be seriously considered for the job. I will need lots ...
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How do I get a seat on the board of directors?

I am currently unemployed, but I own a few shares of a public company. Could I use my shares to get a seat on the board of directors? I don't mind sitting in board meetings. This will give me a real ...
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What does independent executive board member mean?

What is understood by "independent" in "independent executive board member" for corporations? According to Wikipedia, for public companies the board is selected with election from ...
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What are my rights when I wasn't invited to a shareholder meeting?

I am a shareholder (roughly 20%) and do not have board representation. The company had a shareholder meeting which I was not invited to or aware of. I got a letter in the mail stating that the ...
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agreement change and company control

We have a company with 3 shareholders (1/3 of shares each). We are now restructuring and the distribution will be 45%, 45%, 10%. I and the investor will go from 33.3% to 45% while the third ...
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What does it mean to take equity and get a board seat?

In this article from Forbes: 500 Startups recently took in equity from Abu Dhabi Financial Group, giving the firm one of its only two board seats. What exactly does it mean to take in equity from ...
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Info about managment compansation schemes in publicly traded companies

How or where could I find info about publicly traded companies about how stock owner friendly their compensation schemes are for their board and officers? I would like this info as a part of my ...
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Why don't boards of directors try to produce results in line with estimates?

The biggest one-day changes in any company's stock price seem to happen when they post quarterly results. If the results beat expectations then the stock price will go up, and if they do not then the ...
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Does being on the board of a bankruptcy-declaring company affect my credit rating?

If I am on the managing board of a company which declares bankruptcy, will it affect my personal credit rating? I am particularly interested in Western Australia.
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Can stockholders choose NOT to elect a board of directors?

It is well known that stockholders have a right to vote on who will be the board of directors of a company whose stock they own. But, is it possible in principle, i.e., legal, for stockholders to ...
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Advantages of Shareholder over Director in new Company

I am forming a small company with a few others (in Australia). I can elect to be a director if I wish, or merely a shareholder. In either case, the shares will be evenly distributed between us. I ...
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The board of directors in companies

I understand how a board of directors works. They are elected by the investors. I have a few questions about it. Do directors belong to certain agencies or do they work for the government or do they ...
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How are Vanguard directors chosen?

According to some on-line sources (including Wikipedia) Vanguard is owned by its member funds. Furthermore, it is run by its Board of Directors. However, I could not find anything on Vanguard's web ...
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What does the term "Boardroom poker" mean?

It seems to crop up occasionally, see for example this Wellington Fund blog post that uses the phrase: It is not time for high-stakes Boardroom poker, but that’s exactly what happened at easyhome ...
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