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For questions related to the pricing details of securities in markets where there exists the notion of "resting orders" or an "order book".

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is it possible that a stock trades and stamp prices above the bid and the ask price?

I noticed today when looking at the bid and ask of a stock that the bid was 6.02 and the ask was 6.08 and the time and sales were stamping prices of 7.20 despite having bid and and ask unchanged. Is ...
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What exactly happens during Forex transaction?

We are talking about Forex market. I want to figure out what exactly happens when I process a transaction on this market. Can you please correct me if I'm wrong: Assume we are working on EURUSD pair ...
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How do bid/ask sizes always end up being exactly hundreds of shares, rather than (for example) 84 shares?

Let's say stock XYZ has a bid price of $15.00 with a size of 400 and an ask price of $15.50 with a size of 1100. My understanding from reading on Investopedia is that these size numbers (400 and 1100) ...
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Asked or Bid price which one is right

I recently bought shares on a market where I normally buy and we're confirmed at asked price sorry not bid please see attached pictures and number of shares were confirmed and a congratulations note ...
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Does the difference between a marketable limit order's price and the bid-ask price influence the priority of the order?

A stock is $10 bid and $11 offered. Alice places a marketable buy limit order with a limit price of $12 per share. At exactly the same time, Bob places a marketable buy limit order with a limit price ...
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Bid and Ask Trading

The Bid price I've always taken it to mean the price market participants are willing to buy at. Therefore if I want to go sell shares I would sell it at the bid. Opposite way around for the ask. That'...
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