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How does a beneficiary receive benefits if an FDIC insured bank goes bankrupt?

I have three questions: Generally, in the US, can a beneficiary receive the inherited benefits for a certificate of deposits (CD) in a single bank if an account holder (single) who purchased the CDs ...
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Is it ok to name a trust as a beneficiary to a CD?

Is there any downside to naming a trust as a beneficiary to a CD or in general, a bank account if the bank and/or credit union allows it? This is in California.
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Can I leave money to my child to bypass partner's student loan debt

My domestic partner and I have a young child (3-5 years old). We are both the legal parents. My domestic partner also has quite a bit of student loan debt (80K+) that is managed on a 20 year income ...
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Can 401k beneficiaries be structured to pass through to children?

When you name multiple primary beneficiaries of a 401k, the assets can be divided proportionally among the beneficiaries, but the contingent beneficiaries don't kick in unless all primary ...
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Brokerage in US Bank Won't Print TOD name on Monthly Statement

I am in USA and have Brokerage account with Bank. When I opened account, I said who it should Transfer On Death (TOD). When I get monthly statement, it said "TOD ", but it does not print ...
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Trust being a beneficiary of a brokerage account [closed]

Are there any problems / issues with making the beneficiary of a brokerage account a trust? Does it matter if the trust is defective? A trust is considered defective if it counts as a trust for estate ...
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Do I need a will if beneficiaries are designated?

Beneficiaries are properly designated in brokerage accounts: spouse primary, children secondary, etc. The only major thing outside brokerage accounts is the house. And I live in FL. Should I bother ...
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How to name a revocable living trust?

The abbreviated context of the question is this: I have young children that are too young to name as secondary beneficiaries (my wife is the primary beneficiary) on various accounts. I am creating a ...
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Should I take money from my beneficiary IRA to invest in index funds?

My father passed a few years ago and left me two beneficiary IRAs. I take my minimum distributions from them once a year ($1000-2000 distributions). I'm in my late 20s and want to invest in index ...
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What happens if my primary and one of my contigent beneficiaries pass away? How are percentages disbursed?

When updating my benefits, how should I assign beneficiary percentages? The way I have it setup currently is: Spouse: 100% / Primary Child-1: 34% / Contingent Child-2: 33% / Contingent Child-3: ...
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Beneficiary of an estate and transfers of large sum from UK to US

I am being named as a beneficiary and I would like to know what are the best options for transferring funds from the UK to the US. I do not have an active account at the moment are there any ways to ...
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Rollover Withdrawal Money From a Beneficiary 401(k) into Another Retirement Account

My mother passed away several years ago and my sister and I inherited her POD 401(k) account. It was a 50%/50% split into two beneficiary accounts. Last year (2016) I was informed by the bank that the ...
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What can my relatives do to minimize their out of pocket expenses on their fathers estate

I live in Florida with my wife; she has a brother and sister who both live in Georgia. We have some questions about the estate of their father who used to live in Pennsylvania but passed away just ...
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What are the downsides to being someone's beneficiary?

In the US, what are the downsides to being someone's beneficiary? Presumably there's some tax I have to pay on the additional income I receive as the beneficiary, but it would still be a net-positive....
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What happens if a foreigner passes away and he/she has no beneficiaries for their bank accounts?

Say you're a foreigner living in the United States and you have a bank account with +$10,000 in it. You're young, your family lives far away and you haven't made anyone your beneficiary because you ...
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