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Alimony on gross salary

How does someone pay alimony on their gross salary if they are employed by someone else? Suppose the partners agree on giving half of the gross monthly salary as alimony. If said person has X gross ...
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Can I move to another country and keep my Belgian bank account? [closed]

I'm an EU citizen and I have been living and working in Belgium for the last few years. I'm planning to move back to my home country (also in Eu) in a few months, and I'd like to keep my Belgian bank ...
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Exercising options and holding on the stock

I have a certain amount of stock options (NSO) that I can acquire at the startup I work for. For personal reasons, I will have to eventually leave the company. I do believe in the company, and the ...
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What sort of pen is best suited to sign the back of a credit/debit card?

I have 3 payment cards: 2 debit cards with different banks to spread risks, and 1 credit card. I have been using them all for months if not years by now at various places both offline and online ...
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Do I need to pay income taxes on money added to my Steam balance through sales on the Steam marketplace?

I've lately been using a 3rd party tool to automatically farm Steam Trading Cards. I then sell these cards on the Steam Marketplace for tiny numbers, to the tune of receiving 1-5 cents for most of the ...
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