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Is artificial intelligence investment more useful than human decision? [closed]

Many securities companies are promoting AI-powered investment products. That is, artificial intelligence determines the proportion of products that they put their money on. I wonder whether these ...
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How do people with multiple credit cards keep track of their due dates and not miss payments?

I never spend more than I have and always intend to pay the full balance on my credit card statements. Because the due date changes and because they are different for each card, I sometimes forget and ...
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Are programmers in the USA still able to automate fetching their bank transactions, like was possible in the 1980s and 1990s?

I have a pretty simple question for primarily programmers in the USA, but it also goes for those elsewhere. I'm in Sweden. A couple of years ago, just when I had finally set up an automated system to ...
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Question about automated trading from a newbie

I always hear about automated trading programs and some words like API, AI, python ..etc but I didn't try them.. My question is If I made my trading strategy automated using them, will I have to open ...
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How can a trader bot possibly not have a basic security mechanism? [closed]

I recently heard about some broken trader bot in 2010 or something which suddenly started buying or selling stocks at ridiculous prices, to the point of emptying a massive bank account, fundamentally ...
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What to do now that "my" bank has finally removed the last bit of access to its alleged customers? [duplicate]

For a long time now, "my" bank (Nordea, in Sweden) has announced that it's removing what they used to call "simplified login". This "simplified login" actually meant &...
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How can I access basic Nordea bank account data (e.g. balance) after they disable "simplified login"?

I have just discovered that my local bank, Nordea, has decided to remove the only good thing about their entire operation: the so-called "simplified login" feature on their website, which allows (soon ...
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How much would a trading robot which doubles money in a period of time sell for? [closed]

How would factors of this calculation change for the rate of doubling, scalability (the maximum amount at which it begins to become less efficient), risk and other factors you might bring up a ...
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Describe the Computer Interface of Market Makers?

I don't think market makers spend their day entering spreads. The prices change faster than a human can type and there is too much at stake to risk a mistake. Can someone please explain how market ...
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Indicator for Market deviation of a range

Is there an indicator that would allow me to monitor surges or drops of an asset's price compared to the usual range it has traded in over a period of time? I'm building a script so i'm trying to ...
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Automatic check reader error: How common?

I sent a check to my credit card company for $1234. The automatic check reader there read it incorrectly as $12.34, which was the amount that was paid and also what was cleared from my bank. I looked ...
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How do you automatically invest with Interactive Brokers?

I've been using Interactive Brokers for a while and would like to implement an automatic trade in a regular (say monthly) interval. Specifically, I would like to dollar-cost or value average a fixed ...
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Ledger CLI automated transactions [closed]

Given a ledger-cli entry like 2017-11-30 * Terrace door ; :share: Expenses:Housing:Fixed 719.06 Assets:Bank:Checking Account what would an automated transaction / ...
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Compound Interest Formula With Monthly Investment Increase

I'm looking to solve this problem: If I were to start investing now, With a 4% annual return compounded monthly what is the function for my return if my monthly input is initially $2000 then for ...
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Auto balancing portfolio through new purchases

I'd like to have an investment portfolio with a few items, each having a target proportion (e.g. I want to have stocks of Apple and the total value of those should be 25% of my portfolio's total worth)...
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You're in Ontario and are setting up Autoload on your Presto fare card. Credit or debit? Which threshold and Autoload values should you pick? And why?

The Presto fare card is a contactless public-transit fare-payment smart card issued in various big cities in Ontario, Canada. These cities include Toronto, Ottawa, and others. You wave the card in ...
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Automatic transaction on credit card to stay active

I have 4 credit cards. I use 3 of them frequently for individual purposes as they offer different cash back for different things. However there is one that I rarely use. Is there a way to set up ...
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Can a retail trader do bid-ask spread scalping through algo-trading?

Is it legal/permitted in the US public stock markets for an individual retail trader to do bid-ask spread scalping through algorithmic trading? Do I need to follow some procedure before I can ...
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How can I pay a credit card bill for a company that doesn't provide an automatic payment service?

Credo Credit Cards do not offer an automatic payment feature is there a way I can automatically pay the monthly statement automatically? I checked's billpay and they only list credo mobile.
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Automatically taking money from my Credit card monthly

I Live in the UK and am looking for a way to automatically take a certain amount from my Credit Card monthly. The first thing that came to my mind was Direct Debit, however it seems Direct Debit is ...
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How can I find a checking account that allows for automated transfers of dynamic amounts?

Paypal provides a service called "auto-sweep" that allows you to regularly, automatically transfer the entire balance of your Paypal account into a linked bank account. Automated transfers of a fixed ...
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Is backtesting a reliable concept?

I've been using technical analysis approach for several years right now and currently explore the algorithmic/automated trading techniques. It seems that one of the most important aspects of creating ...
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How to automate and streamline saving for multiple large purchases?

My situation is the following: I want to automate as much of my finances as possible I want to have multiple savings goals (perhaps house, wedding, new car, or recurring 'savings' items like car ...
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Automating Certificate-of-Deposit purchases into a ladder-like scheme

In follow-up to these two questions, how could I automate purchasing CDs on a routine basis (say every month) in the US? Would it be specific to a given financial institution, or is this a common-...
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