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Are moving services from the EU to outside the EU subject to VAT?

I'm moving my household from Austria to Canada and have sourced several quotes from international moving companies based in Austria. The quotes are very different as to how they treat VAT: Some of ...
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As a young person in Austria, what steps should I take so that I can buy a house someday

As the title states I am a 21 year old living in Austria. I'm currently working in software engineering and make a decent living (34k/year net)(I also expect that figure to go up by ~30% over the next ...
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limited company as tax vehicle for renting out flats as addition to day job?

This is a more theoretical question to find out if I understood it correctly. I think to answering the question it is irrelevant where I have to pay taxes since it's more of a number game. Information ...
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I just got $80K in a foreign account. What should I do? [closed]

In my Canadian bank account I recently received CAD 80K in gifts and bequests from relatives, and am looking for options on what to do with it. My situation is as follows: Dual Canadian–EU citizen. ...
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Why is the mandated minimal liability car insurance coverage so high?

All over the world, you need car insurance that covers the damages you do to others. In Austria and Germany, this insurance has to cover at least 7 790 000 € of damages. Isn't it a bit high? This ...
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Child account investment options (EU)

So, having two little ones, I decided to set up investment accounts for them. The idea is that these would be focused on long term buy&hold (mostly dividend growth stocks). Since I live in Austria/...
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Do I have to pay taxes if someone pays me for a service, even if no rate was negotiated?

I'm a student and I like to build custom PCs for the people around me. Recently, a friend of mine asked me if I could build a PC for him. I created a build according to his budget, asked if it was ...
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Is putting most of one's one money in dividend ETFs a reasonable long-term strategy?

I'm considering putting most of my savings (about 55,000 €) in an ETF with focus on dividend payments as I want some of the returns accessible to me without having to sell. I'm planning to go with ...
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Best way to invest ~10k euros in Europe [duplicate]

newbie here. I'd like to know what are the best ways to invest ~10k euros here in Europe. I don't have any debt and I am able to save 1k euros every month moving forward. I can't buy property yet, ...
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Is the apartment I want to rent a scam?

I am currently looking for an apartment in the near city. Yesterday I found an entry on an online-platform where people rent apartments to students, all in all a serious platform which I have used ...
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A way to keep earned currency from working overseas (Europe)?

I'm a Brazilian citizen and have been working in Europe (Austria) for a few months. My contract is wrapping up, and I'm returning back home soon. I've been getting paid in EUR all this time and it is ...
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Bullion coins questions

I'm planning on buying Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins. What confuses me the most is the face value of the coins. For instance, copper coins have face value of 5 euros. Will I always be able to ...
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Minimum rental yield for real estate

There are some German books: (Praxishandbuch Baufinanzierung Praxisleitfaden Immobilienanschaffung und Immobilienfinanzierung) about home financing, which mention that you shouldn't buy a property ...
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Is it a normal practice to ask to return credit card when closing a bank account?

I have closed my bank account and the bank seems to have deliberatelly punished me for not returning the credit card to them. I would like to argue my case with them, but first I would like to know if ...
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How does my current insurance work?

Sorry for the vague title, in case location matters this is done in Europe, Austria. And all of this was handled by the same agent. I will first write down what this is about and then ask the ...
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As a US citizen, how can I live in Austria, do business with the US, and set up my business in a legal, tax efficient manner?

I am a US citizen, and professionally I am an independent software developer contractor. I want to live in Vienna, Austria but still contract with companies from the United States and work remotely ...
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Remote jobs and incidental wage costs: What do I have to consider?

I`m living in Europe (Austria) and I am thinking about doing remote work for an US company as an employee or contractor (I don't have a work visa for the US). I'm trying to figure out how much I ...
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Transfering money from NRE to saving account is taxable or not

I have an NRI status. If I open NRE account(Yes BAnk) and transfer euros to this account from my overseas account. I understand its non taxable. My question is, if I transfer money from my NRE ...
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How can I claim tax back from whilst I was working in Austria?

I've been very very confused by this for a while. How on earth can I file for claiming my working tax back in Austria? The only way I've seen to be able to do it is via online unofficial websites. ...
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