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Section 179 and Closing LLC

I closed my LLC 2016 (sole, no employees), can I take section 179 tax deductions in the 2016 return? Do I need to recapture my previous section 179 deductions?
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Spain: non-resident declare assets over 55,000 EUR?

My mother was a resident in Spain previously, however this was before they changed law forcing you to declare all assets over 55,000 Euro. Back then she did not have any assets within the UK. I am ...
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Nominating a non-citizen to be the recipient of assets

I am a Canadian citizen with several savings accounts and fixed deposits in Canadian banks. However, my family members are not citizens of Canada. If something were to happen to cause me to not be ...
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Non tradable assets with demo accounts on TradingView

Seeing that CityIndex have recently become available through TradingView, and given I'm in the UK, I have signed up to a demo account on their platform. I then logged into TradingView (again, demo ...
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Assumptions in Conventional Finance

These are the 3 main assumptions used in Conventional Finance: Price of assets are correct, ie equal to it's intrinsic value Resources are allocated effectively World is fair and so are the market (...
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Consistent trading range vs volatility

The Euro/Dollar often have a varying daily trading range within same week just like almost every other currency. It could be 84 pips on Monday, on Tuesday 52 pips, Wednesday 112 pips, Thursday 95 pips ...