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Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Arizona in the United States.

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guarantor's responsibility if lease is completed, but tenants refuse to leave

We signed a lease guaranteeing the rent for our son. He was expected to pay when he got on his feet, but has made no payments. We have paid all monthly payments and there are 2 months left on the ...
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Tax nexus for remote working

I currently work for a company based in Florida. We sell merchandise and entry to sporting events in many states including Arizona. If I work remotely from Arizona, will it trigger a tax nexus?
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Can a used car dealership switch the price I saw online vs going in and getting a different price?

I’m looking to purchase a used vehicle today and when I finally found one I called the used car dealership to see if it was available. I showed up to the test drive, without even asking for the price (...
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Co-buyer on car loan

I thought I was a co-signer on a car loan and found out after I was actually a co-buyer. The other co-buyer made 2 payments and is having trouble making the third. I have serious issues with paying on ...
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Grandparent funding grandchild's K-12 education and receiving Arizona tax deduction

I want to help pay for my granddaughter's preschool and primary education expenses and would like to get a deduction on my Arizona state taxes in the process. Arizona offers a state tax deduction for ...
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Can I claim a capital loss on property sale

If I own a vacant property with 3 people that we paid $120,000 for it can I sell my share to the other owners for $100 and claim a capital loss? I just don’t want to pay taxes and HOA fees anymore. We ...
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Are automobile loan pre-payment penalties legal in Arizona?

I've not been able to find the answer to this question. I am looking specifically for the law as it applies only to the state of Arizona. If I take a loan for a car purchase, can I be penalized for ...
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Does cashing out 401k interfere in unemployment

If I cash in my 401k do I have to log that as earned income on my weekly unemployment filing in Arizona. I had no choice since $160 per week does not pay my bills. I used it to pay off my car and a ...
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Non-owner car insurance and registration

Given the following scenario for my wife, what should I be watching out for? Specific to the United States - her father, along with his friend, bought a car to give to her, with traditional 72-month ...
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