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What happened to the ARS to USD exchange rate in August 2023?

I was looking at the historical exchange rates of the Argentine Peso(ARS) to United States Dollar(USD). Why did the exchange rate flatten out in August 2023? Source from Forbes, other charts are ...
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What is causing the Argentinian inflation? [closed]

What is causing the high rate of inflation which has been going on in Argentina for the past five years and appears to be getting worse? I've read the country took out loans that they can not pay ...
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Is there any country that gives tax residency without living there?

Is there any country that gives tax residency without the need to live there for most of the year? Most countries I've read about need you to live there a substantial part of the year (among other ...
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Big payout from a bankrupt stock?

I had a small position in this Argentinian utility company (Metrogas, MGS) when it suddenly declared bankruptcy. That was about 10 years ago. I still had that position with a $0 value on my account ...
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Gold price in my country. Is it a good investment during hyperinflation? [closed]

On Wednesday, expectations of interest rate hikes in the United States limited profits and put pressure on gold. US gold futures for delivery in December 2018 fell to $ 1,211.50 per ounce, pressured ...
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Argentina default warnings. Should I buy land?

Since my last question, things have worsened, and they will continue to do, so I diversified a little my savings, but now I'm thinking of buying some land. I have the opportunity to get some cheap ...
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