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Chances of 23 y/o getting approved for a £10k credit card to buy a car?

So my old car has had its time and I'm looking to buy a 3-4 year old car for around £9-10k. I have personal savings exceeding this amount so buying in cash is an option, however I have recently ...
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What should I expect when applying for credit?

EDIT: It has been suggested that this question is a duplicate of Personal loan while unemployed?. In fact it is not a duplicate of that question, because I'm not asking about getting a personal loan ...
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Etiquette around loan refinance - decision is going to cost first broker a lot of commission

We are in the process of doing a refinance. However, we just took out the original mortgage loan recently. The new loan is 3/8 of a point better than the original loan and we are going to save a lot ...
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CitiBank CC application [duplicate]

I have applied for a Citibank CC to consolidate my other 2 cc. This was a recommendation by Credit Karma. I am working on my credit as it is not the greatest. I have received a letter from Citibank ...
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How do I know what loan terms I can qualify for?

The websites require you to specify a loan amount and term and before they tell you if you qualify, the interest rate, and whether it will be secured or unsecured. Is there a way to figure these ...
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Why Is My Application Being Sent To The Fraud Department

I have good credit and no credit problems. To verify, I just pulled a TransUnion report and it was clean. Recently, I tried to open an account at Navy Federal Credit Union. Everything was going fine, ...
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First time home buyer: How to begin shopping for a home mortgage loan? [duplicate]

I am completely new to the world of mortgages and home loan lending, and I am looking to buy a new house. I am either looking to take out a traditional mortgage or a home equity loan on a house that I ...
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How far do I go with a mortgage approval process when shopping around?

We are currently in the market to buy a new home, and it's our first time dealing with shopping for mortgages. Our realtor put me in touch with her brokerage partner, and I've also been in touch with ...
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Should I provide documents at the time of application for a HELOC?

I'm in the market for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). In the past for lines of credit, loans, or mortgages, I'm used to applying with several lenders within the same few weeks and having them ...
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Reporting a debt with $0 minimum payment on loan application

I am planning to buy a house later this year, and will be applying for a mortgage. I'm aware that part of the application will be reporting the amount I pay now for other outstanding loans (student ...
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Credit Card Approval

Is there a formula banks and other creditors use for new credit card approval? Other than credit score of course. For example for a business credit card I imagine it would be something considering ...
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Steps/Procedures to open an online stock trading account in the US

I follow the business news regularly and I have an avid interest in markets. However, having said that I have not had any prior stock trading experience, though I have practically seen some trading in ...
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Belated unemployment benefits: Is it possible to apply after a year out of work?

I was laid off last year in May but never bothered to apply for unemployment benefits then because I have a Green Card (permanent resident) and presumed the benefits are only applicable for US ...
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Any banks in Hong Kong offer credit cards to non-HK residents?

Any way to get a credit card in HK without holding a HK ID card? Are there any local regulations preventing banks from offering that, or do the banks simply not want to bother? I tried HSBC and was ...
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