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For questions related to Card issuing & settlement "American Express" company. If the questions are not specific then the tags Credit-card should be used.

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Statement credit forfeited on American Express card

I signed up for an American Express credit card which was advertising a $225 bonus upon signing up for the card and spending some $1200 in the first six months, which I did and received the cash ...
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Are there any consequences to letting an Amex repayment Direct Debit transfer fail, if a manual repayment is done before the due date?

I don't have enough money in my account to cover a Direct Debit Amex repayment scheduled for today. However, that repayment is set to come out of my account 10 days before the payment due date, by ...
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What should I know about American Express's "Pay It", "Plan It", and "Make Payment" options?

The Amex app is well made and, technically speaking, a pleasure to use. That being said, I have no idea how making a payment works. About me: I am on top of every charge, and I make a payment ...
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AMEX made my dad wait 77 minutes to approve his credit card purchase [closed]

I would like to help out my dad. I apologize since I have no idea about credit cards. So my dad has lots of money, no financial problems whatsoever. He has an AMEX credit card with no pre-set spending ...
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Sending money to friends via Amex with PayPal UK

With the Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card, there is a 5% cashback reward for the first 3 months, up to £100. As such, I'm trying to maximise my spending during this period to make the most of ...
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Why are American Express card numbers different?

I recently got an AmEx credit card and it seems a bit different than all the other cards I'm used to. Instead of 4 groups of 4 digits, the card number is 15 grouped in 4, 6, and 5. I'm not sure if ...
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I have an American Express gift card and I need to enter a “Name on Card” to buy something, but it’s a gift card and is unnamed?

I’m on Etsy and I’m asked the name of the card. I can’t pay without inputting it in. I tried just my name and I’m a minor so I’ve never done this before. There is a user guide with the gift card but ...
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Is Amex not welcome or it's only my idea

I just applied for a new (free) AMEX, but the first 3 transactions I tryed on it were declined because the shop "does not handle AMEX". All 3 went flawlessy on my debit mastercard. Are shops allowed ...
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What can Amex do if I cancel their card after using the sign up bonus miles?

I recently applied for the Amex Gold Delta Skymiles card, with the intention of getting the sign up bonus (60,000 miles after $2k spend in first 3 months) and canceling the card before the first ...
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Why didn't I get avios for every pound I spent using Amex British Airways

I've been using an American Express British Airways credit card. As it is advertised, it gives you one avios per pound you spend. However, I only got 29 avios after spending more than 100 pounds. ...
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Credit card - with what delay can it be charged?

Assume you buy something and pay by credit card. Does anybody know how much time the vendor has to charge your card? Is it still legal if the vendor doesn't charge you immediately, but after months? ...
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car rental secondary coverage is enough?

I rented car by Amex and it gives you car insurance. But this has only secondary coverage: This benefit provides secondary coverage and does not cover liability, damages to vehicles other than ...
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Amex cash back at a grocery store

When I go to the grocery store I have the opportunity to get cash back (groceries cost $23, I opt for $20 cash back, and my card gets charged $43 instead of $23 leaving me with $20 cash in-hand). My ...
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Worth canceling an old Amex Charge Card Account?

I'm looking for a bit of advice as whether or not it is worth canceling my Amex Charge Card. Currently, I am using an Amex Gold Card as my one and only card. I have had a Charge Card account with Amex ...
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When can I make another charge to my charge card?

I have an American Express Platinum Card with the credit limit. I pay my bill every month in full. I had an unexpected expense pop up. But I am up to my limit on my American Express. This is closing ...
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Is it possible and what happens if you go over the limit of a prepaid American Express credit card?

I have a Prepaid American Express credit (gift) card of value $100. I have used it a few times and don't remember the remaining amount. Let's say I can't find out the remaining amount. Is it possible ...
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What risk factors might a credit issuer weigh more heavily than a credit monitor?

For the past 4 months, Credit Karma has been saying my approval odds for the Amex EveryDay Card are "very good". I have applied twice for said card and been rejected both times. My credit score is ...
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How does Apple Pay work? Why is Apple's intercession necessary? [closed]

(Long post warning); (In this posting, I use "NFC" as shorthand for the established (pre-Apple Pay) system used by extant credit-cards and banks for short-range (under 10cm) wireless payments, I ...
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Can I cash or deposit a American Express Travelers Cheque if it does not have my signature at the top?

I am in Orange County California, and I went on a trip with my Aunts & Cousins, all of us exchanged our money at once. We can our money to my Aunt, and she gave us checks with her signature on the ...
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Will the AMEX to CitiBank portfolio sale affect my credit score?

I've had my Costco-branded American Express credit card for 12+ years. CitiBank will be purchasing the portfolio from AMEX in line with their new deal with Costco. Assuming no hard credit pull and no ...
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What would make a Centurion Card's fees financially worthwhile?

The AMEX Centurion card has annual fees of, depending on the country, up to the equivalent of 5402USD for Taiwan. There are also one-time joining fees of up to 7500USD. Now these anodised titanium ...
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If I pay the balance due, will I pay no interest in that month?

Here's what I have : Total Balance : X Balance Due : X-500 Minimum Payment : 50 If I pay X-500, will I pay zero interest on that month? Or will I pay interest for the remainder of what'...
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How can I determine which stores are regarded as supermarkets for a rewards credit card?

I'm considering applying for a credit card which offers additional rewards on supermarket purchases. How do I determine which stores in my area are considered supermarkets by the card issuer? For ...
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Amex Backdating

Reading recently online I have discovered many people talking about Amex "Backdating". Apparently when you open a new card with American Express, they report the age of the account as the same age ...
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Are peapod orders considered supermarket expenses for American Express cashback program?

I just applied for an AmEx that gives 6% cashback on supermarket purchases, but I buy all my groceries from Peapod. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the peapod expenses are indeed considered ...
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How long should I wait and which party should I contact first if I do not receive a refund on my credit card?

I recently made a purchase from a vendor, using Paypal with my AmEx card. Specifically, I didn't log into my Paypal account, so I processed the initial purchase unassociated with a PayPal account. ...
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After obtaining an American Express Centurion card, do I have to maintain a level of spending to keep it?

The Centurion: American Express's most exclusive card. Allegedly once used to purchase — on credit, with a credit card — a $54,000,000 plane for a wealthy individual. A card that is by invitation only;...
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Anything wrong with American Express "Personal High Yield Savings" account?

I got a letter through the mail from American Express offering me a sweet 1.3% interest rate with an FDIC-insured savings account. I currently have a business savings account with a princely 0.35% ...
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American Express Green vs American Express Gold

I recently received two offers from American Express for two different cards, the Gold Card and the Green Card. I am pretty conservative when it comes to credit cards, so I don't really want both. ...
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Why are American Express cards are not as popular as Visa or MasterCard?

For me, AMEX is a preferred choice because I can earn more treat points. But I found that (at least in Malaysia), a lot of merchants are rejecting AMEX card in favor of Visa or MasterCard. Why?
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