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I just mailed my 2020 federal tax return with my NRA spouse's SSN left blank. What outcome should I expect & what course of action should I take?

I am a US citizen living in the UK with my British husband. I file my taxes as married filing separately and my husband is not required to file with the US so has no SSN or TIN. I sealed up and mailed ...
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Amended return (dead or alive): What address or addresses to use for various forms?

An amended return multiple forms, most of which require an address. But if the address has changed since the original return, then what address do you enter on each form? For example, the amended ...
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I filed a FICA return and sent it to the IRS, but my company sent me a W2C and also refunded the money. What should I do?

I am an F1 student <5 years in the USA and am eligible for FICA refunds. I contacted my company and told them that I will be requesting the IRS for the FICA refund as I was very close to the last ...
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U.S. Amending Tax - Should a 1040x be made if I forgot to include 1099-r but there is no difference in taxable income?

I was notified last year when I went to the tax office that I didn't include a 1099-r early distribution. This is the distribution in question: I am confused because the TurboTax UI shows my ...
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Received late K1, but do not owe any tax. Must I amend my return?

I received a late K-1 form. I already filed my taxes. Do I need to file an amended return even if I do not owe any additional tax?
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I overlooked to file Form 8889 (HSA contribution) on my tax return. Should I file an amended return?

I filed a 1040NR-EZ tax return. Only after I mailed it, I realized that I had an HSA which requires Form 8889 and the non-simplified 1040NR to be filed. My W-2 does show a W contribution in Box 12. ...
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Unvested "RSE" on W-2 Box 14

My spouse's employer has granted him RSUs (which for some reason they call RSE) as part of a long term incentive plan. It is a set amount granted ever year over the past 3 years, but none of it has ...
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IRS (USA) Form 843 - What if you missed the three year deadline to file?

I want to file 843 for a refund for my SS and Medicare taxes. I filed it on 3/30/2016. And it seems like I have missed the deadline [3/30/2019]. What are my options to claim the refund?
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Forgot to check "Yes" in the question about the foreign account

In 2017, using Credit Karma, I filed a tax return by must have said "No" to the question about foreign accounts. The max aggregate balance of all my accounts in 2017 was under $10,000 so I didn't have ...
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Corrected 1099 resulted in less income, but now I owe more

I submitted my tax return weeks ago. And it has since been accepted. However, this morning I received an updated 1099 from my brokerage which resulted in a $1 difference (rounded). $1 dollar less ...
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Late filing Returns from 2015, 2016 and now 2017. With income in 2015 and 2016, but NOL in 2017

What is the procedure for filing these late returns? Do I file the returns and then file an amended return to show the carry back from the loss from 2017? 2015 AGI $143,567 - after ID and ...
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Amending return to include Schedule B?

I included and paid tax on the interest I earned in my foreign account as 1099-INT, but it didn't file a Schedule B or ask if I had foreign accounts. Since the account has over $10k, I need to file ...
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Forgot to include form 1042-s

I am a student on a F-1 visa (nonresident alien), working with a Teaching Assist at my University. I did my 2019 taxes using Sprintax with the information from my form W-2 and I got a refund of $609 (...
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