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Will a purchase of $9500 in cash plus $8000 in check trigger an IRS alert? And should I care? [closed]

If I went to a dealership to purchase a car and put $9500 down cash, and girlfriend gave me a check $8000 totaling $17,500 to go toward the down payment, will the dealership have to file the 8300 tax ...
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Security lock on my account to prevent anyone signing up for cards

I have been dealing with someone trying to use my credentials to apply for debit cards etc. I have already put a credit freeze on my account but that does not seem to do anything when a person orders ...
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How can I get an alert if my credit card balance goes above a certain number? [closed]

I'm in the UK and occassionally I use a card for "non-routine purposes" (e.g. buying a laptop) that can push the card towards its (deliberately low) limit. I would like to get warnings ...
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What do these Option Alerts mean?

What do these Option Alerts mean? Uber Technologies Option Alert: Jan 17 $31 Calls Sweep (19) near the Ask: 1000 @ $0.6 vs 5648 OI; Earnings 2/4 Before Open [est] Ref=$28.695 Slack Technologies ...
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To protect against fraud in Canada do I need to go with either Equifax / TransUnion or both?

As per this answer, to protect against fraud, one needs to put a credit alert on TransUnion and Equifax. Isn't it enough to put a fraud alert on just one of them? Why do we need to put it on both ...
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Why would a bank tell me to contact their helpline if an incoming transaction was not "done by me"?

Whenever I receive money in my bank account, I get an email saying: If the transaction is not done by you, please contact our Helpline at the earliest. The same warning is there on both debit ...
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US Stock Market - volume based real-time alert [closed]

I am looking for SMS/email based alerts (or Android/Mac) that is configurable based on volume. I want to be able to catch sudden spikes in volume so it needs to be monitored real-time. The closest ...
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I'm looking for a credit card with daily purchase notifications [closed]

My bank checking account allows me to get notifications/alerts for every check or withdrawal activity over a certain amount immediately. My credit card allows frequent balance notifications, but not ...
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