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Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Alabama in the United States

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Alabama Income Tax 40R and 40NR

My son was a resident part year in Alabama, then moved to Missouri. His job is online but headquartered in Alabama. Turbo Tax is saying he has to fill out both a 40R and 40NR for Alabama. How does ...
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Debt Collection on a Lease I never lived

my name is Dylan and I’m here because... frankly I’m not that informed in this type of thing. Me and my girlfriend were looking for apartments in our college town Auburn, AL. We were out looking and ...
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New mortgage co reversing claim decision by old mortgage co

I had a claim in March of last year due to hail/storm damage. The claim was paid by insurance to me and mortgage co. Then the mortgage co sent all the payments due, out to me in my name and the ...
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Should my state wages be different than my federal wages due to HSA?

In 2015, I earned all of my income in Alabama, and I contributed $3,350 to an HSA. I filed my taxes through a free online tax filing service. Later on, I made an effort to learn about income tax law ...
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State Income Tax

In 2012, my husband and I filed an amended state income tax. This year we received a letter stating that we never filed. I appealed their decision, sent in proof of filing and was denied because we ...
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