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What does 'pro rata' mean in an agreement?

I will make an agreement with a company and the text of the agreement includes the following sentence: Remote Based Fee USD $1,200 per month (pro rata) during the period of 1st May 2022 and 31st July ...
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Can I include GST, parking costs and Society Charge in Indian mortgage?

I am looking to buy 2bhk in Mumbai, and have somewhat finalized one property. Now my concern is my salary is good so I can pay more EMI but don't have enough cash in hand to pay. When I checked with ...
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Declining Binding Arbitration on credit card accounts

Recently Chase was making a change to its user agreement and was automatically assuming your consent to abide by binding arbitration unless you opted out explicitly by sending them a snail mail with a ...
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What actual amount is considered by a bank for a home loan?

Which amount is considered by bank for provide a home loan? Is it considered what is mentioned in the sale agreement? Or is it considered the actual market value of property?
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How do I go about seeking capital/investment to develop/build a sustainable farm

I have been dreaming of building/developing a sustainable and regenerative farm (say in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada or Colorado). I live in California. If I buy a piece of land that has 2 or more of ...
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