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Ways to save for child's college education where one need not commit to set contributions? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a good way to save for college for my daughter. As a parent of a single income home, I am looking for a way to maximize my savings to reach my goals, but without having to go with a ...
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529 College Savings Worth It?

Is the 529 college savings plan a good idea, or are there better ways to save for my child's college tuition? My children are 5 and 3.
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Savings Accounts for Future Child Expenses

If I were looking to have a kid in the next 3-6 years, what (if any) tax-advantaged plans exist to help saving for future, related expenses? To be more specific, there are numerous types of savings ...
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Should we invest some of our savings to protect against inflation?

My wife and I are in our early 30s. Our gross combined income is about $125,000/year, and our rent is ~$2,500/month (we live in San Francisco). We have no debt, and we have about $85k saved up in a ...
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How should I save/invest for my son

I had a son 8 months ago and we opened a savings account for him that already has a few thousand in it from various family members, and I have set up an auto transfer of $50/month into it from my ...
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Can a parent open a 529 for a minor?

Can a parent open a 529 on behalf of their minor-age kid, with the kid as beneficiary? Note: I am not asking about an adult opening a 529 (on their own behalf) and naming their kid as a ...
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Choosing a vehicle to invest a kid's money on their behalf (college, etc.)?

This is a variation on Strategies for putting away money for a child's future (college, etc.)? My question regards money gifted to a kid (by a family member in this case). What should I ...
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Can I start a 529 plan for a child before the child is born?

A recent question got me wondering about this one: Conventional wisdom says "It's never too early to start saving for your kid's college education." But a 529 plan is taken out for a specific person. ...
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What is the best approach to save money for College for three kids?

I have three kids ages 4, 3 and 0 and I am concerned about the cost of college education for my daughters. A lot of the "public" schools (not community colleges) cost between $20,000 to $24,000 a year ...
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College Savings: Using available IRA vs establishing a 529 plan?

A financial adviser has recommended to me using my IRA to save for my son's college with the following notion in mind: 529 plans must be used for education, therefore if he doesn't want to attend* or ...
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