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I would like to ask you the question. Will 2 millions dollars check to be cash? and How long will 2 millions dollars check to be cash? I understand, but the 2 millions dollars check from the ...
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Stranger in Asia wants to send me $3000 in Europe over Western Union because he "likes me"? [duplicate]

Of course, this raises a hundred red flags, but I was wondering, assuming: I don't have Western Union account, and would need to make one for this transfer He does not personally ask me for my ...
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I deposited a cheque from my sugar daddy and then sent someone money. What do I do now? [duplicate]

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Why might a Fan Duel bettor want to launder his winnings through someone else's bank account? [duplicate]

A friend of my son's won a lot of money from betting on Fan Duel. We can't figure out why the friend asked my son to receive payments related to the guy's winnings. After receiving the transfer of $...
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Someone's telling me that he will send me 1000 dollars and I have to send half back [duplicate]

There's a guy I met randomly and he said he would give me 1000 dollars to my paypal (he also asked if it was in the U.S. and verified to which I said yes) but I would have to send half back to him. I ...
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What's the scam? [duplicate]

Two strangers have sent us money to our paypal account in the past week; the total is almost $700. What kind of a scam is this? I've had no contact with either of these people; the money just appeared ...
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Scam or Real: A woman from Facebook apparently needs my bank account to send money

A woman on Facebook recently contacted my dad. She asked him to get a bank account so she could send him money, and he would send money to her employees (about 12 people), and she would pay him for ...
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Ghana scam and direct deposit scam?

My father has been talking to a girl who calls herself Linda Owusu. She claims to be from Germany and living in the US away from her son. She recently found out that her father has left her with a ...
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Selling online - Is private transportation indicative of a scam? Does PayPal make it safe?

I'm in the process of selling some furniture online. I use a website called, which is the Danish equivalent of eBay (it was actually bought by eBay some years ago). The website is mainstream (...
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I won $9500 in a game. Now they're asking me to send it back via different means, promising me more money if I do so

I played a guessing type game. I won and ended up giving them all this info. I got $9500 in my account but now they are asking me to send it back through different means. They say it's to prove to the ...
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Stranger sent me $12,100

I have a small landscaping business and I advertised through Facebook. Some guy reached out to me via text message, asking me to do a job for him. He asked for a quote for installing sod in his ...
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What are the risks of using money sent to you by a scammer, once the transaction is irreversible

Take as a premise for this question, that there does exist some process by which you can get a bank to confirm that a transfer is completely valid and irreversible. See here for any discussion of that ...
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Unsolicited e-transfer: Can I send the money back or am I getting scammed?

Out of the blue, I got sent $50 I wasn't expecting over Interac e-Transfer. Now, the sender has emailed me saying it was a mistake. I want to do the honest thing and send them back their money, but it ...
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I've been scammed, but have the scammer's bank information

I was scammed by a person who 'rented' us a home that was listed for sale that he didn't own. There were a lot of red flags along the way, and I noticed them, but didn't act as we were desperate to ...
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Scamming a scammer?

I have seen many questions like: I received $1000 and was asked to send it back. How was this scam meant to work? Scam or Real: A woman from Facebook apparently needs my bank account to send money ...
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