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Best way to start investing, for a young person just starting their career?

I am young, just started my career, and looking to begin investing so I can make my money work for me. I'm still living like I did in college (occasional purchase on myself, but most of it goes into ...
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Oversimplify it for me: the correct order of investing

I have been reading the top posts here, and the recommendations for what to invest in are often similar. What I'd like to know, in as simply of terms as possible, is what the consensus is on priority ...
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I'm saving money too fast. What should I do?

[Apologies if this sounds (and is) like a first world problem] I get a very generous salary and I am not a spender. I am able to save $2000-$2500 every month. I've invested part of my money in some ...
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What to do with sudden wealth?

I am about to receive a considerable(for me, anyway) amount of money- about $100k- and really have no idea what to do with it to make it grow even larger. Of course I want to pay off credit card debt(...
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I have $100,000 in play money... what to do?

I feel a bit self-conscious with the title above given that web-searches along these lines turn up mostly people who are struggling to get rid of debt or build a modest amount of financial security. ...
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What is the theory behind diversification? Why does it work?

We are told always that diversification in a portfolio is good. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." But is there mathematical theory behind diversification to back up the advice?
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I am not a U.S. citizen. What happens to my 401K if I have to go back to India?

I am not a U.S. citizen. What happens to my 401K if I have to go back to India? Can I distribute (withdraw) my money at that time without paying the penalty?
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Abundance of Cash - What should I do?

There seems to be a glut of information and I don't know where to start. My situation is: No debt/kids Own Home and Vehicles Have a years worth of living expenses in my savings/checking Max out my ...
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How to find a good third-party, 401k management/advice service?

I have a 401k with my employer that offers a pretty good contribution matching benefit. I am young and I've had the plan for about 5 years and my money is starting to grow into a pool that is big ...
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What factors should I consider when evaluating index funds?

Thanks to the people who answered in this question, I've decided to educate myself with index funds and to engage my mortgage preparation funds in them. There are several choices for index funds. ...
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What's the differences between a discount broker and a regular broker?

What are the differences between a discount broker and a regular broker? "Discount" implies a price difference... but why can they be cheaper than regular brokers??
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