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Leaving a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) during the year: can one still fully contribute to one's HSA? [duplicate]

Bob has a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and wants to maximize his contributions to his Health Savings Account (HSA). At some point during the year, Bob changes his health insurance from an HDHP ...
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Withdrawing HSA excess contributions?

I just got married a couple of weeks ago. I have a self-coverage only HDHP through my employer, with an HSA funded by my employer ($3000 per year). My husband has a family-coverage HDHP through his ...
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Can I switch from FSA to HSA mid-year while switching employers?

From January through March this year, I was employed by Employer A and had an FSA set up for $500. I have spent all of the FSA. Starting the first week of April, I have been employed by Employer B. ...
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What is the penalty for over-contributing to an HSA?

My employee switched to regular insurance in April making him ineligible for HSA contributions. Payroll neglected to stop taking his contributions out and it was recently discovered and has since been ...
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HSA/FSA, changing health plans mid year, concurrent coverage

My family is on the HDHP offered by my employer which has both an HSA and an LPFSA. The plan is on a calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31). We want to move to the plan offered by my wife's employer which not ...
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Can an HSA excess contribution withdrawal be done when you haven’t really contributed an excess?

If you find that you have contributed more to your HSA than your annual contribution limit, you can do an excess contribution withdrawal. This is effectively an “undo” button on your contribution: On ...
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Is it possible to use HSA funds to cover a medical expense billed to a different insurance plan, which is not a HDHP?

Long time lurker, but I have a question that I'd like some help with. Earlier this year my contract/government job switched companies so I had to sign up for new benefits. Company 1's benefits were ...
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HSA and Medicare: what if I get laid off?

I'm approaching 65; will continue working for a large company; will not be taking Social Security; have a high deductible insurance plan through my company which I will continue using (so will not ...
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HSA End of Year Contributions

If someone starts work half way through the year and makes out-of-paycheck contributions to their HSA account that amount to less than $3,450 (say they amount to $1,450), would they be able to deposit ...
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Opening an HSA mid-year: how much can I contribute to it?

I opened an HSA account in the United States during the year: what's my maximum contribution? Is it the annual maximum (i.e., 3400 USD in 2017), or should I prorate (e.g., if I started at the ...
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I started a new job, want to switch my wife to my new insurance. Can I open an HSA if she had an FSA on her previous plan?

I've been searching for a clear-cut answer to this for a while, to no avail. My employer benefits advisor's guidance was unsatisfactory, and my CPA hasn't gotten back to me about it. And so...once ...
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Open an HSA at another bank and transfer even if I am not qualified to contribute?

Last month, my girlfriend got a new job with good health insurance and an FSA account. She has an HSA account from her previous job and the custodian is dinging her with monthly fees because she's ...
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New HSA contribution deadline for previous tax year

I had a qualifying event which resulted in a new High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with new HSA active as of 2021-01-01. I've been making contributions pre-tax through my employer every paycheck. Can ...
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Contribution limits and deadlines for HSA clarification

Taken from here. Partial Year Contributions If you establish an HSA by at least December of any year, your maximum contribution is the maximum amount (described above) for that calendar year. ...
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Unexpected contribution to HSA after joining Medicare

In November 2023 I applied for Medicare Part A (the same month I turned 65) A few months prior to November 2023 I instructed my employer to stop the payroll deductions to my HSA account. Payroll ...
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